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09|21|2010 10:45 am EDT

CSC and Alias Encore Launch New “Domain Recovery Service”

by Frank Michlick in Categories: News

Corporation Service Company (CSC), which also is an ICANN accredited registrar serving many large corporations, announced this morning that they are now offering a “Domain Recovery Service” in conjunction with Alias Encore.

Alias Encore was founded in 2008 by Graham MacRobie, who also founded the similar Company Citizen Hawk. Both companies recover domain names on behalf of trademark owners who then in return allow them to monetize the domains through their own affiliate/CPA offers. Both also use automated processes to file high-volume complaints and to email domain owners of potentially infringing domain names.

See the full press release after the jump.


Santa Barbara, CA: Corporation Service Company® (CSC®) and Alias Encore, Inc., announced today that the two companies have entered an exclusive partnership to offer best-in-class domain recovery services to brand holders worldwide. The announcement coincides with the beginning of the Commission Junction® CJU 2010 conference, where the topic of digital brand protection will be on many attendees’ minds.

Since the mid-1990s, brand owners have faced the daunting challenge of dealing with unscrupulous registrants who seek to profit from Internet domain names that include company trademarks or misspellings thereof. Called “cybersquatting” or “typosquatting,” this problem has grown to encompass millions of potentially infringing domain names – a scope most companies can’t possibly address on a case-by-case basis. Brand owners lose untold millions in revenue every year when Internet traffic is surreptitiously redirected to competitors or other third parties by way of advertisements displayed on Web sites reachable through cybersquatted domain names.

CSC has been at the forefront of the digital brand management industry since becoming an ICANN-accredited registrar in 2000, and today is one of the largest corporate registrars serving Global 2000® companies. A trusted advisor to intellectual property and legal professionals for more than 100 years, CSC offers an unparalleled suite of Internet-related services, including both domestic and international (ccTLD) domain name management, trademark and brand monitoring, phishing protection, and domain strategy. A recent survey by World Trademark Review ranked CSC #1 in customer approval for domain and online services.

Founded in 2008, Alias Encore has established itself as the technological leader in the rapidly maturing field of high-volume, automated domain recovery. Alias Encore’s systems allow for the efficient, simultaneous recovery of thousands of infringing domain names, freeing companies to focus on their business rather than playing cat-and-mouse games with cybersquatters. Both firms expect that Alias Encore’s platform and expertise will reinforce CSC’s industry-leading position from the standpoint of scope and sophistication.

“We evaluated the domain recovery industry thoroughly and came to the conclusion that Alias Encore stands head and shoulders above the competition,” said Mark Calandra, vice president at CSC. “In particular, we were impressed with the deep analytics, transparency, multivariate testing, and other advanced platform features that other providers don’t even begin to offer. Also, the speed at which Alias innovates and develops new technology is remarkable.”

Graham MacRobie, Alias Encore’s president and CEO said, “Increasingly, companies are demanding that their domain recovery provider execute with a degree of professionalism that can be challenging for a small firm to achieve. Working alongside CSC, I’m excited to decisively settle the ‘size matters’ debate with our competitors, allowing us to focus on building the technology and expertise that powers our world-class domain recovery solution. I consider it a privilege to work with CSC – a venerable institution with deep and pervasive connections throughout the Internet and legal communities.”

The new domain recovery service is available immediately. For more information, please contact

About CSC

Corporation Service Company provides matter management, corporate compliance, and trustee services for companies and law firms worldwide; domain name and trademark services for top global brands; and due diligence and transactional services for the world’s largest financial institutions. It is one of the largest registered agent providers in the United States.

Founded in 1899, CSC is a privately held organization headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A. CSC works with more than 75 percent of the Fortune 500® and more than half of the world’s best brands as ranked by Interbrand®. To learn more about CSC, visit, or follow CSC on Twitter at

About Alias Encore, Inc.

Alias Encore is squarely focused on helping companies increase highly qualified traffic to their Web sites through the strategic acquisition of misspelled domain names. It is no longer sufficient for a company to own only the domain name that exactly matches their trademark. This is because significant revenues are being surreptitiously diverted to competitors through literally millions of “typosquatting” sites that seek to improperly capitalize on the accidental keystrokes of unsuspecting Internet users. Alias Encore puts a stop to this domain name fraud, dramatically increasing revenues as a direct result.

Alias Encore was founded in 2008 and is privately held. The company’s headquarters are in Aliso Viejo, California. For more information, please visit, or follow Alias Encore on Twitter at

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September 21, 2010 @ 3:21 pm EDT

“recovery” implies an asset previously owned by the “recoverer” does it not?


There’s your entitlement generation.


September 21, 2010 @ 4:14 pm EDT

Well Drew , maybe they partnered with these guys to fix their own screw ups ?

not sure why this is a necessary service either since the brands just keep letting the domains expire

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