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05|17|2011 03:47 am EDT

Frank Schilling Switches To Google Feed, Begins Offering Parking Services (

by Frank Michlick in Categories: News

The domain industry sees many changes. With the downturn of PPC revenue, many of the old-school domainers started to respond more actively to sales inquiries in order to make up for the loss. While it appears that PPC income is not yet on the rebound, many domain investors have been looking to development and other methods of generating additional revenue. Especially with domains that were using a Yahoo! PPC feed the change has been very noticeable.

Driven by the pinch of lower PPC revenues on a Yahoo!/Bing feed, it appears Frank Schilling’s NAMedia has recently switched to a Google feed. The company has also removed their social application originally launched as, then rebranded as Chatr and now finally Postboard. Via Email Schilling told DNN:

“In the early days of the oil-boom you could literally drill a hole in the ground with a hand-drill and strike a small gusher of oil. Then as the shallow oil ran out.. the hand-drill guys invested in bigger rigs and more sophisticated machinery. Today you have elaborate rigs manned by the hand drillers grandchildren, striking huge oilfields, miles below the sea floor. Many of the people behind the drilling equipment quite literally learned on the job. There is no university for this. The domain traffic business is very much like that. The last ten years have seen an evolution where things have gotten much more sophisticated. A few of the larger operators have embraced technology and grown to deal with the changed landscape in paid search. Google has become a critical partner in the evolution of type-in traffic monetization. The level of technical efficacy required to play there is higher though.

I remain hopeful that Yahoo will turn its third party marketplace around so it remains attractive to domain traffic, but that job is really Microsoft’s responsibility now, and it remains to be seen whether Microsoft cares enough to solidify third party publisher payouts and to fairly value domain name type-in traffic against other forms of traffic in the channel such as Error Search and Keyword Marketplace Arbitrage.”

Aside from switching parking feed providers NAMedia is also allowing others to use this new feed. Schilling created a site at inviting people to apply for a “A no-frills domain monetization platform, for experienced type-in traffic operators.” and promising that “You will make significantly more money here“. According to WannaDevelop’s Mike Cohen, the service is being tested by the likes of Rick Schwartz, Chad Wright, Garry Chernoff, Alex Lerman. [Update] According to our friends at HosterStats, there are currently over 14,000 domains pointing to the service’s nameservers.

“I’m looking for high quality type-in traffic partners to grow a long-term and stable traffic co-operative. I’m in a great position to do this, having a unique structure with a very large tranche of owned and operated traffic. I don’t need (or want) to create a huge profit center for myself on the back of my fellow domainers traffic. This is about trying to reward those who innovate by returning the bulk of the revenue to them, so they can do what they do best.. Everyone who has joined to date, is pleasantly surprised when they see what their traffic is really capable of.”

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  • Dave

    I’d love to see a sample of the new look service in action. Please post one if you find one example.

    • Frank Michlick

      @Dave: This is more about the switching of the feed rather than the look, but a sample domain would be . I’ve only found two click landers so far.

  • Adam

    I have some domains on the platform now. All 1-click so far. is an example one with 1 click

  • Generic Domain Market

    Any word on the minimum requirements or how the process goes?

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  • Domain Lords

    Here’s the lowdown. SCHillings java junk development is BANNED at google, that’s why none of his sites are on page one. He’ll loose his new adsense accounts easily with a few complaints from SEM mangers.

    Off site adsense is instantly banned in reality by any REAL SEM manager, you buy google and yahoo/bing SEARCH only, you cut off partners and content sites.

    So the only revenue SCHilling will be seeing is from companies that can’t afford a high end SEM guru.

    They start at 250K to know their job, like turning off garbage like SCHilling owns.

    Look up his domains in his database, go ahead, find one 20.00 buck cpc term he owns. NONE, he has no high value cpc terms.

    Not one decent insurance term (50 M monthly searches a month for insurance and it’s the highest paying cpc industry next to legal)

    Not one decent legal term

    Not one high paying medical term

    So what does frank hold, garbage, and google is fast to cut adsense accounts to garbage sites. They don’t allow the junk frank does, you need ORIGINAL content with ZERO FRAUD to stay on adsense.

    So let’s take bets, how fast does frank loose his adsense income. LOL

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  • Michael

    Who the F**K is this domainlords kook festering out of the woodwork slagging Frank’s program on every message board that posts about him? Probably, some small third-tier jealous arbitrage SEM shop hater. Frank has an excellent reputation and his traffic hasn’t thrived for 10 years and made billions of paid search introductions in this business because it’s junk. Irregardless what jealous invisible, traffic less gaming haters like Domain Lord may think. This program seems to be thriving. Flame on flamer.

  • Domain Lords


    who are you

    you wanna see no BS on schilling

    I’m someone that you can’t BS with type ins, they’re a minor part of the net

    the game is FIRST VIEW GOOGLE for high cpc terms now and schilling has nothing of value in that category

    the way you monetize a domain is exactly as THE DOMAIN LORDS explain in the ‘gospel’

    you create five major income streams from END USERS

    parking is over
    type ins are over
    frank who?

    so if you want to know WHO THE DOMAIN LORDS ARE

    they’re developers that laugh at ‘domainers’ who drink the cool aid of Schwartz and Schilling

    parking is done, internet traffic .com failed before it started


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