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10|04|2008 08:00 am EDT

Hitfarm Prepares to Launch Parking Indices and Hitfarm 2.0

by Chad Kettner in Categories: News

Hitfarm, a company specializing in domain parking, is releasing two major domain market indices – the Reinvent Index (RVT-200) and the Hitfarm Composite Index (HCI) – so domainers can increase the performance of their parked domains. DNN will be featuring the indices on the homepage in the coming months.

The Reinvent Index tracks the results of over 200 privately held domains owned by Reinvent Technology. Measuring the performance of these domains will allow domainers to have a benchmark to understand the ups and downs of the parking industry while comparing various categories of domain names. The complete index, which will be available to all domainers, is listed at the bottom of this post.

The Hitfarm Composite Index is a broad-base index which will represent the performance of all domains managed by Hitfarm. For confidentiality reasons, the details of each individual domain, total unique visitors, and total revenues will be hidden. However, measured trends will be demonstrated through a percentage change metric, allowing domainers to compare their portfolio’s performance to the general market trends. This index will be available to all Hitfarm clients.

“With everything our clients have been asking for to increase their revenue and enhance their experience with Hitfarm, we have either addressed it already or we’re currently working on a solution,” Don Ham of Reinvent Technology explained in an email with DNN. “With parking revenues decreasing we realize it is more important than ever before for domain owners to find a solution that maximizes their revenue…

…We have some of the best portfolios parked with us for one reason – we deliver. We are setting the trend with the Indexes, as well as with the new Hitfarm 2.0 that we’re working on which will allow our clients to have access to many features that our account managers use to personally manage an exclusive account. If our clients want to manage their own accounts, then we want to offer them the best tools to do this.

These indices are a bold step in the right direction for domain parking. Domainers have never before been able to track the many factors affecting their domain names including seasonal trends, technology issues, or general market swings. Both indices will act like any stock market index to help domainers determine whether the changes in their parking performance are consistent with the overall market conditions or if there are other factors playing a role.

Hitfarm was previously only available to owners of large domain portfolios with pay-per-click earnings in excess of $10,000 per month and with portfolios containing only mainstream generic domains. According to their website Hitfarm does not support adult, gambling, controversial, trademark or arbitraged traffic. With the release of the forthcoming Hitfarm 2.0, the company now seems to have lifted the earnings cap and are interested in working with domainers of all sizes who have quality generic domain traffic. “The best just got better – because we are going to open up Hitfarm for any domainer that has good traffic.” stated Ham.

In addition, Hitfarm 2.0 provides more features for domainers interested in engaging in an exclusive contract. The exclusivity requires a minimum year long commitment with each client receiving a dedicated account representatives who provides monthly reporting and feedback on improving domain portfolio performance catered specifically to the domain owner. The exclusive contracts also provide domain owners another level of transparency not seen previously. All exclusive contracts will provide an option to audit all payments from Hitfarm.

Ham explained, “Hitfarm contracted a certified accounting firm who specializes in audits and had them create a platform whereby any certified accounting firm can come in and do an audit to confirm Hitfarm revenue payments to Hitfarm clients. Hitfarm itself is audited by PWC annually but the audit conducted by our clients will leave no room for doubt that we are honoring our agreement with our valued clients.”

This type of benchmarking and transparency should be a welcome addition to domain owners and help to improve accountability in domain parking. We look forward to more companies pushing forward with creative ideas to improve performance and open up transparency like Hitfarm has done here.

[More info available at Hitfarm]

Reinvent Index 1 2 3
Automotive Business Careers & Jobs
4 5 6
Education Electronics Fashion
7 8 9
Finance Games Geo
10 11 12
Health Internet Lifestyle
13 14 15
Movies, Entertainment Music News
16 17 18
Personals Shopping Sports
19 20
Technology Travel

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October 4, 2008 @ 8:50 am EDT

Damn. Hitfarm is awesome what I’ve heard. Unluckily I don’t meet 1000$ monthly revenue.

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October 4, 2008 @ 7:53 pm EDT

Great news….hopefully others will follow the suit.

Thanks for details!


October 4, 2008 @ 9:59 pm EDT

$1000 per month is way to much for me…

Adam Strong

October 6, 2008 @ 7:24 pm EDT

Hi guys where’d you see the $1000 thing ?

“With the release of the forthcoming Hitfarm 2.0, the company now seems to have lifted the earnings cap and are interested in working with domainers of all sizes who have quality generic domain traffic”

Kevin Ohashi

October 7, 2008 @ 2:54 am EDT

Interesting to see, yet this isn’t as revealing as I would hope. They use one feed, it would only really be a valid comparison for their contract or maybe yahoo in general (wouldn’t it be interesting to see how that played out). I also wonder what effect quality scores will play and how often they are adjusted. If other companies with different feeds all did this and the data were aggregated, we might be able to actually see in real-time how PPC is behaving. A final concern is with such good domains perhaps they are securing more advertising dollars (can’t you bid on individual domains now and block others?) and the way PPC campaigns are budgeted may effect different domains differently. Just a few thoughts.


October 7, 2008 @ 7:21 am EDT

Adam. I have somewhat missed that :) Thanx. I’m looking forward to increase my earnings cause doesn’t work well for some of my domains.

Thanx for notice.


October 7, 2008 @ 2:37 pm EDT

Kevin I think this is a great first step. It’s a benchmark and I hope like you that other companies join in and come up with their own version of this. Would be very cool.

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