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06|19|2008 08:06 pm EDT

ICA Establishes Its Presence In Europe

by Chad Kettner in Categories: News

The Internet Commerce Association (ICA) has announced, with the support of EuroDNS, it will start a sister organization in Europe. The Internet Commerce Association-Europe (ICA-EU) will be located in Luxembourg, providing ICA with a better opportunity to represent its members throughout the region.

Domainers’ investments are being challenged from all directions – whether its a push for new laws surrounding trademark disputes or a new process to resolve these issues. Beyond that, some governments are advocating policies that would threaten the owners of geo-domains and censor online content. ICA and ICA-EU will explain and promote the interests of their members to national governments, the EU, ICANN, and all other policy-making bodies.

“This is a big step for ICA as it reaches out to fulfill its worldwide mission,” said Jeremiah Johnston, ICA President. “EuroDNS has been actively involved with multiple European governments and ccTLD managers effecting legislative and policy issues over the last several years. ICA is happy to have EuroDNS assuming a leadership role in the establishment of ICA-Europe.”

Xavier Buck, EuroDNS CEO added, “EuroDNS is excited to help expand ICA into Europe. We saw what ICA achieved to foster a better legislative climate for domainers in the US and we are delighted to play our part to bring the same to Europe. All of us want to see the Internet remain a place where entrepreneurs can thrive.”

ICA is a non-profit trade association, headquartered in Washington, DC, that promotes the activities of domain name owners and developers. ICA-EU is expected to begin operations by early fall 2008.

The Domain Name Owners Association (DNOA) had recently announced that they are looking to relaunch their services. DNN also knows of recent plans to start an association for holders of .CA domains.

[via ICA Press Release]

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