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06|07|2011 05:01 pm EDT Relaunches as Web Site Brokerage

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According to a press release sent out today, Latona’s, formerly an auction platform for generic domain names has been relaunched as a brokerage firm for money generating web properties.

Rick Latona defines web properties as, “A digital asset that resides in cyberspace such as a website, domain, Facebook fan page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, email marketing lists, mobile phone and tablet applications”. Latona went on to explain that what makes his new venture stand out is that any “property” that gets listed must generate cash flow and the asking price can’t be more than five years earnings. He continued, “when discussing our new strategy we put as much effort into what not to sell as we put into what to sell.” Latona’s will still sell domains from time to time but only money making domains.

Or in Rick’s words, “It’s difficult to sell speculative premium domains for five or six figures, much less seven figures when the state of the world has people selling homes and businesses at a fraction of their true value. What sells in 2011 is cash flow. Buyers want to the stability and earnings. Occasionally domain owners can get lucky with a good sale but it’s nearly impossible for a brokerage firm to make a business out of selling them. Actual big sales are just too rare”.

Each listing on the site will remain there for six months or until sold. The team at Latona’s has been busy lining up agreements but will be rolling out and announcing the listings on a weekly basis, adding inventory at a rate of five to fifteen properties per week. Their reasoning is that the market can only digest so much at once. Listings will be announced in newsletter format and newsletters will only be sent out once a week to avoid sending too much clutter. Interested parties can subscribe on the website to receive these listings. Submissions will also be reviewed; those who wish to have their properties included and marketed can fill out the submission form on the site .

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June 7, 2011 @ 5:41 pm EDT

So he’s going to run another company and go to Harvard at the same time?

Good luck!

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