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04|29|2009 04:01 pm EDT

NameDrive launches NDX Market

by Frank Michlick in Categories: News

Not just DNHeadlines is updating their site – as always the week of the TRAFFIC conferences seems to be a week for news, be it the domain auctions or even company purchases.

NameDrive NDX Logo

NameDrive is making their own headlines, since the company has just launched their NDX Market. The new public marketplace for buying and selling domains had been launched as a beta at DomainFest. The relaunch of the domain parking interface, which is launched at the same time, brings a complete revamp of statistics and improved optimization tools down to the country level. The addition of virtual folders allows for easier grouping and sorting of domain names within a portfolio.

Ash from Namedrive about the launch:

Our goal was to create a fast, secure and powerful market environment that makes buying and selling domains easy for first-time users and also caters to portfolio owners and buyers who actively speculate on domain assets.

Features of the NDX Marketplace:

  • best offer or public auction listings
  • ending date of auction can be selected by user
  • bidding can be based on current earnings of the domain or generic value
  • Sales commissions are capped at 7% and can be as low as 3% if the domain is parked with NameDrive
  • No minimum commission price
  • For the remainder of April and all of May 2009, all commissions and escrow fees are waived

You will find 7 videos showing you the overview of the new NameDrive interface and NDX Marketplace as well as the full press release after the jump.

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Press Release

NameDrive are delighted to announce the launch of NDX Market, a fully-integrated domain trading platform, and a full relaunch of our domain parking front office.

Building on several years’ experience of brokering private domain sales totaling several million dollars, NameDrive now gives all of our clients the opportunity to buy and sell domains on a vibrant, innovative, international trading platform: NDX Market.

Domain owners can list domains as best offer or auctions, both with the added option of setting a BuyNow price – offering the chance to set up your own fixed price domain store.

Domain investors can take advantage of Park&Sell listings which show domains’ parking earnings for the last 30 days on NameDrive, giving you the opportunity to invest in domains which are proven to make real cash.

In addition to launching a comprehensive aftermarket, NameDrive has also fully revamped the homepage and parking front office.

Since August 2005, NameDrive has been renowned for innovation in domain management and parking options. NameDrive were the first company to provide folder management for domains, next generation parking templates, full IDN functionality, global optimization preview, individual letter capitalization and more.

The new Front Office takes this innovation to the next level with full per-country statistical breakdown and settings, dynamic navigation, advanced analytical tools, on-the-fly optimization, virtual folders and customizable log in screens among several new features.

Make sure you drop by soon to check out the new features, list your domains on the aftermarket and look into expanding your domain portfolio on NDX Market.


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