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05|16|2009 04:06 am EDT

Snapnames Makes Searching For Domain Names Easier

by Chad Kettner in Categories: News

Snapnames has announced a number of improvements to its website, improving the overall search experience so domainers can have an easier time finding valuable soon-to-be-available domain names.

The full list of improvements are published after the jump…

New Search Criteria

  • Limit your search by numbers of dictionary words a domain name contains
  • Exclude IDNs

Improved Saved Search Functionality

  • Save up to 100 searches (increased from 50)
  • Saved search names can now contain up to 20 characters (increased from 16)
  • Non-alphanumeric characters (i.e., dashes, underscores, and number signs) now permitted in saved search names
  • Better saved search email alerts – more domains listed, longer domain names displayed before truncation

More Flexibility

  • Checkboxes to include or exclude Deleting, Expiring, and Private Seller names
  • Search one or more listing type (In Auction, Available Soon, or Buy It Now)
  • More TLDs, including a wide range of ccTLDs
  • Select from multiple special events
  • More options under “Order By” date

Easier to Use

  • Popular settings are now default (i.e., “contains keyword”, display of 100 results per page)
  • Maximum search results per page increased from 100 to 500
  • Default sort order for search results is now number of bidders
  • More intuitive sorting on first click (from most bidders to least, from highest minimum bid to lowest, and from ending soonest to ending latest)
  • Contextual pop-up help topics

Other Changes

  • Restored ability to select all domains on a page to add to cart
  • Download search results to a CSV file
  • Top navigation now uses dropdown menus, allowing you to click directly to the page you want
  • The ‘whois’ link next to domain names appearing in search results has been moved to the domain details page – click on a domain name to see the name’s current status, link to whois information, and quickly purchase or place a bid

Snapnames will be launching all of these new features and changes within the next week.

[via Snapnames]

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May 20, 2009 @ 5:55 am EDT

I, like 10,000s of other people, can’t use Snap Names until they accept Paypal or internation debit cards such as Maestro (Mastercard) or Solo.

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