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10|18|2007 02:05 pm EDT

Snapnames to provide themed live auction at DomainFest Global

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Auction, News

Auction ImageSnapnames, recently acquired by, will become a live domain auction player. As per today’s press release, they will debut SnapNames Live, a live auction system for premium domains, at DOMAINfest Global’s Hollywood, California event in January 2008. The Domainfest event is organized by Domainsponsor, which also is owned by

In partnership with DomainSponsor, the producer of DOMAINfest Global, SnapNames Live will conduct a themed, premium auction each day of the conference, rather than a single monolithic event.

“We’ve learned from attendees that one of the main reasons they attend domain name conferences is to buy and sell names,� said SnapNames CEO Sudhir Bhagwan. “In recognition of this, we’re featuring auctions each day of the event. This allows us to offer shorter and more targeted auctions that minimize bidder fatigue, keep interest high, and reach more segments of the audience.�

SnapNames Live builds on the company’s recently-launched individual seller program, where names are listed at the seller’s choice of reserve pricing in a fast-moving, competitive daily auction.

That brings up the major players in the live domain auction space up to four:

Moniker is the pioneer amongst the live auctions. The manage the auctions for the Targeted T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference, Associated Cities GeoDomain Expo, Casino Affiliate Convention, WebmasterWorld (a.k.a. PubCon) and the Internext Adult Expo. Moniker is owned by Seevast, the company that also owns Pulse360 and Kanoodle.

DomainTools/NameIntelligence had their auction premier in August at this year’s Domain Roundtable conference. Many attendees were impressed by the integration of the online auction with the live auction at the conference. The company also has announced that they will be running a live online auction some time in November.

Sedo has run their own live auctions at Domain Focus in London and also at the DomainVermarkter Forum in Hamburg, Germany.

At Domainfest Amsterdam in May of this year, the auction had been run by NICIT!. The company had built an auction system specifically for this event, but is apparently now replaced by owned Snapnames.

NameBuyers might become a future player in this space as well – at least if they can improve their inventory.

For a listing of upcoming events and auctions visit the DomainName Event Calendar.

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