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06|17|2009 11:47 am EDT

TRAFFIC Conference Teams Up With Rick Latona – 6 Shows Planned For 2010

by Chad Kettner in Categories: News

Rick Schwartz and Howard Neu of TRAFFIC Conference have announced a new partnership with to take the conference around the world – including an expanded 2010 schedule that will visit Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Toronto, Reykjavik (Iceland), South Florida, and Hong Kong.

“We want to break down the walls of the domain industry and bring in folks from allied industries and we have a formula and a team that can now make that happen,” Rick Schwartz said on “By the end of next year it will be evident how big this change is and everyone reading this will benefit by the reach out program we are about to engage in. Nothing happens overnight, however we have set a new and exciting course and you will become the beneficiary of those changes.”

The aggressive plan will bring TRAFFIC to North America, Europe, and Asia in 2010 and there are other plans in the works to include South America in the near future.

“Together, as a team, we will be presenting six fantastic shows next year,” explained Rick Latona on his blog. “Due to my investment of capital in new auction software (currently under development), sales people who will be working the end-user market and other auction related activities that will bring substantial additional income to domainers over time, I became convinced that the auction company and trade show company need to be closely aligned and essentially partners.

It is our intention to grow upon the brand which started the industry events we know and love today. For that reason, we are doubling the size of the company for maximum exposure on a global scale.”


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June 19, 2009 @ 1:46 am EDT

Sooooo I am going to be traveling around the world in 2010 and attend all six.. Why not? :) Who else is in!!?

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