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12|21|2007 12:01 am EDT

VeriSign Releases December Industry Brief

by Chad Kettner in Categories: News, Tools

The domain industry continues to grow, as demonstrated by the latest Domain Report by VeriSign, the global registry operator for .com and .net.

VeriSign reported that the third quarter of 2007 had 31% more domain registrations than the same time period from last year, ending with a total base of 146 million domain name registrations worldwide for Top Level Domain names (TLDs).

“Some growth was driven by consumers as domain name registrars targeted consumers with their marketing efforts and expanded product functionality aimed at making domain names more attractive to consumers including tools to enable consumers to publish their own podcasts, as well as, add custom calendars and personal portal pages.�

While the domain industry continues to grow, so does the idea of purchasing domains for the purpose of parking, an issue that is becoming more difficult to track for VeriSign.

According to the December report, 87% of all analyzed websites are live while only 13% are inactive. In their previous reports (including the August report), however, VeriSign had another section attributed to “Parked Web Sites�, which at the time accounted for 23% of the .com/.net industry.

While it is safe to assume that 20% of all .com and .net web sites are being parked, it is interesting to note that VeriSign may be no longer able to easily distinguish between which sites are live compared to which ones are parked. As the domain industry continues to grow at staggering rates, so will the use of parked domains.


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