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06|10|2011 02:22 am EDT

Marc Ostrofsky’s Appearance on The View Talks Up Domains, Other Get Rich Click Ideas

by Adam Strong in Categories: People

Entrepreneur and domain investor Marc Ostrofsky appeared on ABC Television’s The View on Thursday for a brief segment to promote his book, Get Rich Click!.  Ostrofsky talked up domain names to the five female celebrity hostesses, who grilled him with a seemingly enthusiastic interest in making money online.  As Ron Jackson at DNJournal points out, Ostrofsky did a great job on camera and in handling question coming at him rapid-fire, literally, from all sides of the table.  Marc’s appearance can be seen in the last segment at the end of this clip.

I’ve read parts of Marc’s book and from what I’ve read so far, Marc has stacked the book full of great information, insight and examples for a beginner to learn about all the different angles to make money online.  It covers a lot of material about a lot of different topics. I’m sure I’ll pick up a tip or two, but the book’s material is geared for a novice. The book covers a lot of introductory material for those who might know nothing about things like domain names, SEO, lead generation, affiliate programs, social media, and morec  It seems to be a good time for this book release since there are so many unemployed and likely in need or seeking insight in to these topics. I’m even considering giving this book to my parents and friends who question me on how I and others make a buck online .  That might be the most valuable contribution this book gives me personally.  :)

Marc’s laid things out simple in his book and continued that way for the hostesses of The View as well.  During the segment Elisabeth Hasselbeck exclaimed “Get Out!” to Marc’s basic explanation of making money with affiliate programs.  He later pointed out that someone in Australia owns and Goldberg said he was wrong.  Well Whoopi, unless you are the newest customer of DomainSponsor we think you are wrong.  These moments of amazement and misunderstanding, in that short segment, left me thinking this book really is filling a gap.  The appearance showed that most people still really don’t know anything about the things we in the domain space have knowledge of and likely take for granted.  Sure they’re celebrities and might be insulated from that mundane stuff .  They have reps or agents handle things like domain names, but I’m sure their reps would have figured out that Whoopi’s domain name isn’t hers and she would know that by now.  Too bad the show doesn’t seem to own either  . . . maybe Marc can help them out there too. :)

With Marc’s book selling well, what do you think will happen to the domain name space as readers begin understanding more about making money online ?



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June 24, 2011 @ 1:26 am EDT

Great book. Someone from the US has to put the episode of the view on

Here in Canada they block our ip addresses from viewing the video.

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