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10|25|2008 05:31 pm EDT

Google Clawbacks on Parking Programs ?

by Adam Strong in Categories: PPC industry

Domainers Reporting Bigger Squeeze on Google Feeds

Domainers have been talking about the declines in PPC revenues for quite awhile now, but more recently we have been receiving consistent reports of recent declines in Google-fed PPC programs. At the same time we are hearing this report, we’ve heard rumblings of Google exercising clawbacks on revenue.

Some chatter started at DomainState today about the issue of Google ‘clawbacks’, ie. Google taking money back for domain name revenue found to be fraudulent. The ‘clawing-back’ refers to Google taking back money that was previously paid out on these domains for a given time period. The PPC clawback topic was also mentioned in recent promotions from NameDrive.

it seems that others are trying to spoil the fun. Some parking companies are withholding earnings from their clients and even asking for money to be returned to them – so-called ‘Clawbacks’.

As economic problems lead to cutbacks in ad spending and thus cuts in revenue for Google, they, like many companies, will be focusing on tightening things up. It is likely under these conditions of declining revenue that Google is taking a much closer look at the domain channel and where the traffic is coming from and adjusting payouts accordingly. It surely doesn’t help that Google’s role in monetizing trademark domain names is also under the microscope now.  From DNN sources, Google contracts reportedly allow for a ‘clawback’ on previously earned revenue up to 60 days.  It makes sense that Google would be looking in to this closer now.

We expect more belt-tightening in the months to come and for poor performing domains as well as junk and fraudulent domain traffic to be scrutinized much closer. Stay tuned.

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October 25, 2008 @ 7:14 pm EDT

Google is much more transparent than it was a year ago. An advertiser can see all the sources of traffic. Everything is grouped nicely and the information is right there… Simply put, domain traffic is not so much in-demand anymore as advertisers are really paying more attention to their budgets and being highly selective while choose to opt-out from all of the “partners” that before you were subscribed to by default. Also lets not forget most domain parking companies show one # in your stats but actually get paid another one directly from google so the #s you see are only #s on your screen, nothing more and nothing less. The adjustments and “clawbacks” will continue unfortunately that is just how I see it from my point of view based on everything that has transpired past few month’s.



October 25, 2008 @ 7:49 pm EDT

I guess we just gotta’ be stupid anymore to pretend they are not killing the domain channel.

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