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06|10|2008 10:26 pm EDT

Marchex Releases New Pay-Per-Click Advertising Platform

by Chad Kettner in Categories: PPC industry

Marchex (MCHX), a company already known for its leading local search/advertising network as well as their domain portfolio, has combined Industry Brains and Enhance Interactive to create Marchex Adhere, a new pay-per-click channel that will provide advertisers and agencies with exclusive access to more than 200 premium publishers.

Marchex Adhere is primed to compete with Google and Yahoo over domain name advertising feeds, allowing advertisers with any budget to reach a highly-qualified audience.

According to the press release, it “enables national advertisers to efficiently fulfill their online budget in the same manner as they purchase offline advertising; namely national, spot and local in a single media buy.” It also “provides small- and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to reach local customers directly through Marchex’s OpenList and reach national customers through premium, vertically focused publishers.”

Marchex has already struck deals with major distribution partners including BusinessWeek, PC World, The Motley Fool,, CNET,,, BankRate, and more. If you want to find out more about this exciting advertising platform, you should check out the Marchex Adhere video.

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December 18, 2008 @ 10:28 am EDT

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