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08|28|2008 04:07 am EDT New Feed, New Features Launching Today

by Adam Strong in Categories: PPC industry

For many domainers, the launch of in the fall of ’06 was a welcome addition to the PPC space. The Oklahoma-based company saw a quick growth spurt with some large domain portfolio owners switching over to their system. Then in February ’08 the plug was pulled on the Google feed syndication through Revenues reportedly bottomed out and signs of life from ParkingPanel were few and far between. Well, ParkingPanel is still alive and back with a new Google feed and reportedly they’re rolling out some new features as well.

A day ago I caught a snippet on ParkingPanel’s Roy Barrets Facebook page that piqued my interest. His profile read “Roy Barrett is ecstatic about the new ad feed provider!”.

Here’s 3 features from the new features being announced that I found interesting :

New feed – Roy couldn’t tell me who (per contractual obligations) but it isn’t hard to figure out from domains on their DNS such as or that they are using a Google feed. (I’m not good at figuring out which one. . . maybe someone can point that out to me in the comments.)

New Templates – They’re releasing new templates because of the new provider requirements (some of the old ones can be seen here). More notably they’re rolling out additional adult templates (check out for a sample)

1-Click Landers – Although it’s only well-suited for some domains, 1-click is always in high demand . This is a welcome addition for maximizing earnings

Check out their site for more information and to sign up (if you want use our referral code) .

The news going out today from ParkingPanel can be seen after the jump : is proud to announce several long-awaited changes in our premium domain parking platform.

New Primary Feed Provider! New Autopilot System!
New Payment Processor! New Premium and Adult Templates!
1-click and 2-click Landing Pages! New MassPay Functionality!


As you may know, (and many others) lost our premium advertising feed in March of this year as part of contract negotiation between our ad network providers. Since this time, we’ve used a temporary solution that did not offer the global coverage or high relevance of the original provider. As a result of this, overall performance dropped significantly and did not effectively compete in the global marketplace of first-tier domain parking solutions. Many premium clients moved domains to competing providers to further enforce global coverage.

New Primary Feed Provider is now proud to announce the inclusion of a new primary first-tier advertising feed provider. As many of our clients can attest, we have extensive experience in optimizing premium search feeds, and our entire team is very excited about the performance from our new advertising feed provider.

New Autopilot System

Since inception, has been a pioneer in its launch of self-correcting, self-optimizing direct navigation services. With the new launch of we have built improved internal processes to yield more revenue for your domains. Our system intelligently chooses the best ad provider, however we’ve now have gained much more insight through improved technology and advertising experience to help you yield more revenue from parked domain names. Our new Autopilot 2.0 technology is dramatically more improved than the original, and can track performance exponentially better than Autopilot 1.0.

New Templates / New Adult Templates

We are launching over a dozen new templates with the refresh of These templates will be filtered into our system after testing in the coming days and you will have access to these new templates. Our pro templates have ChromaAnalysis technology and you will be able to choose colors that match your domains, and all of our published features will be allowed in these templates. In addition, we will be launching several new adult templates to help your adult names achieve higher CTR and yields with the new launch.

1-click and 2-click Landing Pages

We now have 1-click landing pages on Depending on performance, will decide whether 1-click or 2-click landers will do better with your domain. This decision is made depending on your traffic volume, relevance to ad inventories available, and a host of other processes we do best. As always, you can override our Autopilot system and choose your own landers.

New Payment Processing / MassPay Functionality

We had some initial quirks with our original payment systems in regards to rollover earnings getting paid with monthly earnings. We have chosen a new platform for payment processing that includes major performance increases and will not charge you for PayPal payments received.

Come visit us!

The team will be in New York for the TRAFFIC conference in Brooklyn September 23-26, 2008. All of our account managers will be on hand to answer any questions about the transition to our new provider. We are completely confident these changes will propel to be the provider of choice for premium domain holders who choose to yield the best revenue from domain names.

Best Regards,

The Team



Which domains work best on

The new works great with all traffic. We have 1-click and 2-click landers, and depending on performance,’s autopilot system will choose the best solution for your domain name. The very best performance comes from targeted vertical niches with very high traffic. If you have high traffic names, please contact your account manager with a list of high-traffic names to pre-optimize for best results on our system. Although our system is automated and will optimize names, our account managers have extensive training in ad network research and will do their best to pre-optimize names based on existing data we have from similar parked domains.

Where are my old templates?

Because of our primary feed provider change, we’ve had to make several changes to templates and launch completely new templates. For a sneak peek of templates to come, we have included some screenshots of templates that will be added in the coming days. Our autopilot system will choose the best templates for you, or you can pick and choose your own.

Do adult names still do well with you?

Yes, we do have good global coverage for adult traffic. We are launching several new adult templates and hope to do well with your adult traffic.

Will international traffic work well with

International traffic will now be restored as well as full language support. We now have the some of the best international coverage of domain parking companies and we’re among the highest in our revenue share with all of our upstream providers.

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[…] Original post by Adam Strong […]

[…] Original post by Adam Strong […]

Sammy Ashouri

August 28, 2008 @ 6:20 am EDT

Yep. Known about this for a while… absolutely anxious as heck to see my revenue go up and going to be moving some good domains right back to PP.



August 28, 2008 @ 9:51 am EDT

Adam, nice scoop. I suspect that any ads on the first page of a 1-click are content network and ads seen after clicking on a “related link” are search network. That’s how Sedo is. Unless, of course, Google isn’t offering that anymore.


August 28, 2008 @ 12:59 pm EDT

I could swear I read somewhere that there was a rumor that google would no longer be giving out any new feeds for parking. Either way, with all the recent buzz about google making changes, its good to see that they are still moving forward with domain parking.


August 28, 2008 @ 1:01 pm EDT

JP – I had heard they weren’t accepting new applications too.

Adam Strong

August 28, 2008 @ 1:04 pm EDT

Maybe goog considers them an existing partner . . .not a “new” one. Who knows but that is interesting. You going to follow up on that one Andrew ? :)


August 28, 2008 @ 1:05 pm EDT

Well, I’m going to be in San Francisco next month. Anyone who hooks me up with a meeting with Google gets a shout out on DNW.


August 28, 2008 @ 8:33 pm EDT

Thanks for the information. Now, i know.

Owed by parkingpanel

August 30, 2008 @ 9:39 pm EDT

Now if only they would pay all the back payments owed to dozens of domain owners – some are owed as far back as six months! This ‘good news’ is lipstick on a pig imo.

Adam Strong

August 31, 2008 @ 1:24 am EDT

Please send us any insight you have on the matter. This is the first I’ve heard of them not making payments.

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