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01|08|2008 03:26 pm EDT

Skenzo cancels TrafficClub feed syndication

by Frank Michlick in Categories: PPC industry

After the recent purchase of Moniker by, Skenzo has now announced that they will no longer be offering their monetization to customer’s of Moniker’s TrafficClub domain parking platform. They posted the following note on their website:

Dear Customers,

In light of the recent changes in the ownership of TrafficClub, we decided to stop providing the Skenzo feed via TrafficClub.

We understand that several of you have been monetizing your traffic through TrafficClub solely because you have been unable to get a direct account with us. We also realize that several of you may end up making much lesser[sic] money via TrafficClub with the Skenzo feed no longer being made available.

We have hence setup a team which will assist you in getting a direct account with us on a priority basis. A direct account will undoubtedly make you more revenue than any other existing parking provider. […]


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