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01|28|2009 09:00 am EDT increases security with VeriSign Identity Protection Network

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Registrars

Verisign Identity Protection Keyfob

Registrar and Verisign just announced that you can now protect your domains with the security of a two-way authentification keyfob via a new partnership between the two companies. The keyfob, which you should carry with you at all times displays a 6 digit number that changes frequently. Only if this number is entered correctly in combination with your username and password you will be allowed access to your account. In addition, also allows you to limit access to your account to specific IP address.

The full press release follows after the jump. Stays a Step Ahead of Online Criminals

by Joining VeriSign Identity Protection Network

As Internet Identity Providers Look Into Ways to Protect Client Access to Sites, Leads the Way by Adding Another Layer of Protection to Log-Ins

Mountain View, Calif. – January 28, 2009 – In the wake of some recent high-profile hacker attempts to steal the passwords of millions of customers, businesses, including Internet identity providers are exploring options for added protection to ensure that Web site administrators and domain name registrants can manage their Web-based property with confidence.

One such provider, LLC, is leading the way by offering its clients the chance to use strong, two-factor authentication from VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN), the leading provider of Internet infrastructure for the networked world.

By joining the VeriSign Identity Protection® (VIP) Network, can provide its clients with safeguards that go beyond the standard log-in methods.

Two-factor authentication works by combining something users know – their username and password – with something they have — a VIP security credential that generates a one-time password (OTP) for every sign-on. During an online session, this password is entered into the account log-in page, along with the users usual account name and password. then verifies the OTP and matches it to the account holder, enabling its clients to achieve strong – or two-factor – authentication.

Domain names are digital identities and we bear huge responsibility to ensure that their clients have access to the most advanced security safeguards available,” said Bill Mushkin, CEO and founder at “Offering VIP credentials is an important part of meeting that obligation, and it’s one that VeriSign has helped us meet quickly and easily. The globally trusted VeriSign brand will reassure our customers, while membership in the VIP Network offers them convenient access to strong authentication on many Web sites the world over.”

The unique VIP Network allows consumers to use a single security device to authenticate themselves across any VIP-enabled Web site. As a result, credentials can be used not only on the login portal, but also on any site that is part of the VIP Network. For Internet identity providers and other businesses, joining the VIP Network helps distribute the costs of stronger authentication, thus accelerating its inevitable acceptance in the global marketplace. has clearly taken the initiative to protect its clients against security breaches that have come from using simple user names and passwords,” said Kerry Loftus, vice president of Consumer Authentication Solutions at VeriSign. “By joining the VIP Network, is taking a strategic step to ensure its clients have a safe, secure and convenient environment in which to do business online.

About LLC is a unique, independent, and fully ICANN-accredited domain registrar. Its goal is to fully meet every customer’s needs and wants for domain name registration and renewal by offering retail, aftermarket and expiring names services. For more information, visit

About VeriSign

VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN) is the trusted provider of Internet infrastructure services for the networked world. Billions of times each day, VeriSign helps companies and consumers all over the world engage in communications and commerce with confidence. Additional news and information about the company is available at



George Kirikos

January 28, 2009 @ 11:40 am EDT

That’s a very positive development. Hopefully it is adopted by other proactive registrars, along with other measures like executive lock, etc.


January 28, 2009 @ 6:28 pm EDT

Excelleny news. This is a hugely positive step. are making all the right moves in the industry. They already offer free domain privacy to domain owners. I will hopefully get most of my other domains moved there soon.

Online Identity and Trust

January 28, 2009 @ 8:20 pm EDT


Lately I seem to be posting notices about hacks and identity theft – like Monday’s news. Today’s entry has a happier note – I’m proud to welcome to the VIP Network. Check out the press release and some……

| Domain Name News

February 4, 2009 @ 6:32 pm EDT

[…] Even if you are not amongst the affected, but do have an account at NameDrive we suggest to change your password and make sure you do not use the same password in more than one place. Maybe we’re also seeing a need for parking companies to offer similar additional security measures, such as the Verisign Identity Protection Network system, which was introduced by recently. […]

[…] Maybe this also is the time for parking companies to offer similar additional security measures beyond passwords, such as the Verisign Identity Protection Network system, which was introduced by recently. […]

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