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01|08|2008 10:37 pm EDT

Network Solutions PR Damage Control

by Adam Strong in Categories: Registrars

Network Solutions employees, including Vice President of Policy and Ethics are diligently working on PR damage control after the inevitable public backlash from allegations of domain name front running.  NSI employee responses have been spotted on Domainstate, and Digg.  Additionally, DomainNameWire has a direct response from the head of PR at NSI and CircleID is citing a response from VP, Jon Nevett .

The company believes that this solution helps in combating “actual front running” and helps their customers by reserving the domain name.  This “solution” does nothing however to prevent another registrant from picking up the domain name. If the orignal searcher comes back 10 minutes later to register the domain, another user could still purchase this domain.  The only thing this solution seems to be preventing is fair trade as another registrar is being prevented from selling the domain name to a potential customer.


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