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01|09|2008 07:42 pm EDT

Network Solutions Responds to Front Running Allegations Part II

by Adam Strong in Categories: Registrars

In our on-going coverage of the NSI front running story, we’ve received this letter minutes ago from NSI staff

I wanted to follow up with you and provide some information regarding some improvements we are making to our customer protection measure. Throughout the launch of this effort we have made, and continue to make, improvements to our protection measure. Below are some of the things we are implementing in the near term:

1) We have changed the current webpage to which reserved domain names resolve to a general under construction page. Additionally, all new reserved names after tonight will not resolve to any page at all.

2) This week, we will be making enhancements that will address the concerns related to disclosure of zone file and DNS server information of the reserved names. This should address some of the concerns recently raised.

3) Very soon we will remove our customer protection measure from our WHOIS search page, so that no domains searched on this page will be reserved. We will continue to reserve, however, domains searched from our homepage.

-Susan Wade

When asked if the home page will notify customers that their searches will result in domains being reserved Wade responded “Our customers are notified in their account manager account. We are also looking at other opportunities to let them know.”

Wade responded earlier to Andrew’s questions on Domain Name Wire and Andrew had made many of the suggestions mentioned in a follow up article on his site as well. Looks like NSI is taking this matter very seriously, as they well should based on the public outcry.


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