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01|14|2013 12:12 pm EDT

And here is the court order that stopped the deletion of

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Registries

In the case of the non-deletion of last Friday, DNN has now obtained a copy of the court order that prevented the deletion and you can see it here (PDF). Please note that this is the unsigned version of the restraining order as it was currently published by the court, but DNN does have a copy of the signed version as well. The order was enacted by Hon. Stanley R. Chesler, the United States District Judge for New Jersey at 10:30am EST the day of the deletion.

As background information, there are some additional documents showing an email exchange on the evening preceding the scheduled deletion between the registrant of the domain, Blake Ellman and James Hubler, Senior Corporate Counsel at Verisign. In the emails Hubler agrees to stop the deletion of the domain if a court order meeting the following conditions is received before 11am on the day of the deletion:

  1. Because of jurisdiction considerations, a federal court order is required.
  2. The order should direct Verisign as a non-party to the suit to remove the subject domain name from pending delete status.

We were not able to locate any other suit as referred to in the exchange. Since the deletion of the name was stopped, Verisign did accept the order of the District Court.

The complaint also includes some background information that states that the domain in question was deleted due to an “inadvertent mistake of ‘Dotster/’“. DNN has reached out to the other involved parties for comment.

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Robert Fernandez

January 14, 2013 @ 3:55 pm EDT

I saw in the whois and guessed a problem after the migration…

Shahram Shokrian

January 15, 2013 @ 1:49 am EDT

yeah ive lost a few domains myself due to the transition. Not sure if i should sue or have them cover my damages.

[…] January 14, 2013 DomainNameNews has received a copy of the court order and some additional documents, including info about an email exchange between Blake Ellman and […]

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