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11|21|2012 12:20 pm EDT

.CA Breaks 2 Million Domain Registrations, .CZ breaks 1 Million

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Registries

CIRA passes 2 Million Registered Domains

As per a tweet from the .CA registry,  the registry passed the 2 Million domain mark yesterday. However with today being a Wednesday, that number has dropped below the 2 Million mark again, as the registry drops deleted domain names in their “to be released” process once a week. There is no press release on this highly anticipated milestone yet., but there is a list of 22 “facts” that the registry published on Facebook – including 7 false facts that they are asking you to find.


.CZ: Over 1 Million Domains registered

As reported on Robbies’ Blog, the  Czech ccTLD registry for .CZ passed 1 Million domain name registrations. The registry publishes realtime statistics on their homepage. According to the announcement by the registry, 58% of domains are owned by individuals. The Czech Republic has a population of just over 10 Million people. Robbies’ Blog also has an interview and more information.

[via CIRA, Robbies’ Blog]

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