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01|15|2009 12:39 am EDT

Google Cuts 100 Jobs – Not A Good Sign of the Times

by Adam Strong in Categories: Search Engines

According to the official Google blog, 100 Google HR positions were recently eliminated. Although minor in the scheme of things (Google lists roughly 20,000 employees as of September 2008) this move gives a clear sign that the company is scaling back.  The Google post also references the recent cuts of contractor positions which you can read about over at Valleywag as well. Silicon Alley Insider notes that the move seems to tell a lot about Google’s growth expectations.

Google’s troubles are a good barometer for companies in the domain business that are dependent on parking revenue.  This news may not read as devastating or shocking, but it is a somber reminder of the tough times we all face, even the big guys.  As John Battelle put it, “When Google catches a cold, it’s a sure bet a lot of other companies have pneumonia, or worse.”

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