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10|19|2009 03:06 am EDT

Yahoo To End Paid Inclusion Program

by Adam Strong in Categories: Search Engines

In an announcement making some waves in the SEO world last week, Yahoo announced that they would be ending their paid inclusion program. points out access to Yahoo’s paid inclusion sales page has been redirected to their

“Both the “Search Submit Basic” program that charged an annual fee per URL and the “Search Submit Pro” cost-per-click program will end as of Dec. 31, 2009.”

Yahoo’s paid inclusion has faced some criticism from those who believe including paid ads in an organic search makes the results biased. At the press conference announcing the Yahoo/Microsoft deal in July the company said “we’ll decide on that later”.  Well it looks like they decided.

This may turn out to be a good thing for PPC on Yahoo. With paid inclusion gone advertisers will be looking for that same traffic and those ad dollars could shift to PPC.  Any kind of uptick in PPC would be a benefit to domain owners parking with Yahoo. We’ll see.


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