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12|11|2012 10:49 am EDT

Melissa Dafni joins

by Frank Michlick in Categories: People

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Melissa Dafni of

As announced last week, Melissa Dafni joined Melissa is a veteran in the domain industry. She has extensive experience around all three of the major components offered by the Above Investor Platform Рdomain monetization management, domain name registration and the domain auction marketplace.

Prior to joining, Melissa served as Domain Manager at Media Breakaway and Domain Sales Manager at, where she managed large domain portfolio investments including buying, selling and monetizing domains.

As you might be able to tell by the picture she was so kinda to provide us, she’s not your everyday account manager. I had the pleasure to briefly meet her most recently during a visit at for one of my clients. DNN wishes her the best for her new position at


06|24|2010 02:24 am EDT

Trellian Launches Direct Navigation Ad Network

by Frank Michlick in Categories: News

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The Australian based company Trellian has just sent an email to its registered users announcing the launch of the “Trellian AdNetwork“, which allows the purchase of direct navigation domain traffic. The traffic originates from the domains parked on the Domain Parking Manager. According to the note the network reaches over 200 million unique visitors a month via over 1.2 million domains and redirects users to the domains to the advertisers in the network. The bid prices in the network are on a per unique visitor basis.

Advertisers will place a bid based on keywords or a list of categories and define their daily budget. The top bidder for the keyword receives the majority of the traffic, Bidders 2-5 will receive a percentage of the available traffic. Any bidder ranked sixth or lower will not receive any traffic. During the open beta only a small percentage of the available traffic will be made available to bid on.  Any of the traffic will only be sent to the advertisers if they pay a higher price than the domains earns from the other parking providers.

See the email after the jump. (more…)

01|20|2010 05:06 pm EDT

Trellian buys DomainState Forum

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Up to the Minute

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Trellian and their sister company have announced that they have bought the DomainState Forum, one of the oldest Domain Name Forums in the industry for an undisclosed price from the three owners. Trellian also owns and operates the service, which allows you to predict search volumes for specific keywords. The company announced the purchase on their blog and stated that they would update the look and add some additional features.