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11|16|2012 08:05 am EDT

One of the .AUTO new gTLD applicant launches pre-registration and promotional site

by Frank Michlick in Categories: new gTLDs

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Dot Auto, LLC, one of the four applicants for the .AUTO gTLD (the other ones are Donuts, Fegistry, LLC and Uniregistry) has started their marketing for a potential launch of the gTLD, before they even know any results of the evaluation phase. The company launched .autoDOMAINIA, a “pre-registration and awareness solution”.

The press release tries to highlight why this applicant sees itself more qualified than the other applicants for this TLD:

Dot Auto LLC is the ONLY applicant to apply for an auto-related TLD that is also an active and valid participant in the automotive industry. Through the creation of autoDOMAINIA, and backed by parent company, Automotix, an authority in the automotive industry, Dot Auto LLC is committed to educating its client base about the benefits of having a .AUTO domain extension while creating awareness among automotive businesses worldwide, and maximizing pre-registration for the auto professional or enthusiast.

See the full press release after the jump.