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11|21|2012 12:20 pm EDT

.CA Breaks 2 Million Domain Registrations, .CZ breaks 1 Million

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Registries

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CIRA passes 2 Million Registered Domains

As per a tweet from the .CA registry,  the registry passed the 2 Million domain mark yesterday. However with today being a Wednesday, that number has dropped below the 2 Million mark again, as the registry drops deleted domain names in their “to be released” process once a week. There is no press release on this highly anticipated milestone yet., but there is a list of 22 “facts” that the registry published on Facebook – including 7 false facts that they are asking you to find.


.CZ: Over 1 Million Domains registered

As reported on Robbies’ Blog, the  Czech ccTLD registry for .CZ passed 1 Million domain name registrations. The registry publishes realtime statistics on their homepage. According to the announcement by the registry, 58% of domains are owned by individuals. The Czech Republic has a population of just over 10 Million people. Robbies’ Blog also has an interview and more information.

[via CIRA, Robbies’ Blog]

06|29|2012 04:47 pm EDT

Registration for ICANN 45 in Toronto is Open

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Events

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Just as the 44th ICANN meeting in Prague ended yesterday, ICANN has opened  registration for the 45th ICANN meeting in Toronto, to be held Oct 14-19th 2012. Even though the site says “Prague is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world“, I’m pretty sure it’s still in Toronto with CIRA, the .CA registry being the host.

[Hat tip to Frank Lemire for noticing the copied text on the site.]

02|22|2012 11:34 am EDT

.CA Launches CIRA Factbook

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Up to the Minute

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CIRA Factbook

CIRA, the .CA registry announced today that they published a Factbook about Domain Names on their site. The new site features information such as:

  • History of Domain Names
  • Current Domain Name Registration Statistics
  • Information on registration trends and growth rates
  • Statistics regarding the Canadian domain space
  • Information on the Canadian Internet Economy

The registry will also be hosting the Canadian Internet Forum in the coming week (Feb 27th, 2012) in Ottawa.

10|13|2010 07:23 pm EDT

.CA Registry Goes EPP

by Frank Michlick in Categories: ccTLDs, Up to the Minute

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While some of the .CA registrars are apparently still having problems with this morning’s switchover of the .CA registry to EPP, the registry appears to have successfully completed their migration. So what do the changes mean, aside from another backend protocol being used for registrars to connect to the registry?

  • Registrants will now generally only deal with their registrars and not have to interact with CIRA directly.
  • There are no more CIRA user IDs
  • Domains are Auto-Renewed on a Registry level – just like COM/NET/ORG the registry now automatically renews the domain at the expiry date and charges the registrar account. It is to be expected that registrars will however delete any domains that are not set to auto-renew on the registrar level, just like for the gTLDs.
  • New 3rd and 4th level domains are no longer supported with the exception of 4th level municipal domains. Existing 3rd and 4th level domains will be grandfathered.
  • Registrars can now offer their own whois privacy system for individual registrants.
  • The number of contacts per domain is now limited and not maintained across registrars.
  • New Data used to validate Canadian Presence Requirements (CPR) will be required in 2011.
  • Domains can only be transferred to another registrars 60 days after their initial registration or a previous transfer.
  • An ownership change of a domain does not require a renewal of the domain name any more.
  • “Critical changes” are now processed immediately.

As part of the switchover the registry operator also temporarily disabled the domain deletions, which were usually happening once a week. The process is going to restart on November 3rd, 2011.

09|23|2010 11:47 am EDT

Registrar Sues CIRA for $10m

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Legal Issues

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CIRA denies re-certification for Brandon Gray Internet Services

CIRA, the registry operator of the .CA ccTLD, has denied Brandon Gray Internet Services Inc. the re-certification as a .CA registration on September 10th of this year. The registrar also counts the “Domain Registry of Canada” (DROC) amongst its resellers, which is mostly known for sending official looking renewal reminders/transfer offers to domain registrants. The company also operates the ICANN Accredited registrar NameJuice.

According to the companies, they reassured that DROC is a reseller of Brandon Gray Internet Services, simply sharing a postal address in Markham, phone system and extension lists. The registrar is said to have 25 resellers in total.

Now Brandon Gray is suing CIRA for $10 million CAD in damages for the termination of their accreditation. They also say that CIRA has not provided a reason for the denial of the re-certification. writes:

CIRA has also declined comment on the case while it is before the court. But an affidavit filed in court obtained by shows that the authority will defend itself in part by attempting to show Brandon Gray has a “bad reputation in the Internet community,” writes Kelly Campbell, channel manager at CIRA. It discusses the activities of the DROC and other resellers that it says “inextricably linked” to Brandon Gray and says they “have engaged in activities which are inappropriate for any business and highly unethical.”

As reported on the CIRA election campaign forum, the registry also has recently denied a number of applications for registrar accreditation by new registrars, citing the small number of customers as a reason.


09|23|2010 10:56 am EDT

Recap of CIRA Annual General Meeting and Symposium

by Zak Muscovitch in Categories: Events, Registries

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Zak Muscovitch

Zak Muscovitch at DomainConvergence 2008

Guest contributor Zak Muscovitch is a domain name lawyer, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has been practicing domain name law for over ten years and is now running for the election for a seat on the CIRA Board of Directors. Go to and for more information. Voting is open to CIRA members until noon ET September 29th, 2010.

Two days ago, on September 21, 2010, CIRA (the Canadian Internet Registration Authority) held its Annual General Meeting and Symposium in Toronto, called, “Canadians Connected”, and it was a world class event.

Integrated into the usual corporate housekeeping involved in annual meetings, the Symposium brought together .CA domain name owners from all over the country and a CIRA attendance record was set. Nearly 500 people  participated in person, and hundreds more online.

Orchestrated by CIRA CEO Byron Holland with the support of a small army of capable and dedicated staff, Canadians Connected presented what can only be considered a visionary, and arguably somewhat miraculous, approach to  reinvigorating the Canadian Internet community.

Continue reading after the jump.


09|03|2010 03:47 pm EDT

The .CA Registry (CIRA) and “Public Interest”

by Zak Muscovitch in Categories: ccTLDs

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Zak Muscovitch

Zak Muscovitch at DomainConvergence 2008

Guest contributor Zak Muscovitch is a domain name lawyer, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has been practicing domain name law for over ten years and is now running for the election for a seat on the CIRA Board of Directors. Go to and for more information.

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (“CIRA”) operates Canada’s .CA domain name registry in the “public interest”. Where does this authority come from and what is the “public interest”? During the current 2010 election for CIRA’s Board of Directors, these questions should be raised and debated. CIRA has an important role to fill as the operational manager of the registry, but has an equally important role to fill in terms of governing the .CA space in the public interest.

Read the full article after the jump. (more…)

10|10|2009 01:07 pm EDT

Privacy Protection for .CA Domain Names Kills Business for Domainers

by Zak Muscovitch in Categories: Editorial

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Guest contributor Zak Muscovitch is a domain name lawyer, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has been practising domain name law for ten years. Go to and

Privacy Protection for domainers who have legitimate portfolios is a little like a burka on a bikini model.

Although keeping one’s domain name registration details private is an attractive concept and may even help wary registrants avoid imparting too much information to prospective domain name dispute claimants, in my humble opinion, the practice is a business killer in the .CA realm. As a domain name lawyer I can rarely find out who owns what to try and put together deals. I can’t trace the history of domains to perform due diligence. I can’t identify connections between web sites and domain owners. It stymies me. And if it stymies me from doing .CA deals, that means that it is hurting business for .CA owners , who dont need any more negative factors affecting the Canadian market than they already have. Sure I can sometimes use other methods, but the utility of whois archives is lessening as time goes on, because it carries no new information for most .ca’s since all recent records are privacy protected.

By way of background, CIRA, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority made privacy protection a “default setting” [ed. for individual registrants], and considered this move a leadership position in the Internet world. And I did too. I am a big fan of privacy and thought that CIRA’s privacy protection policy was extraordinarily progressive and consumer-friendly. But I was wrong. It kills business. Imagine a stock exchange where there are no listings….That is what has happened here. And the benefit of privacy is nil for a domainer who is trying to hide, because there a CDRP [ed:.CA Dispute Resolution Policy] reveals your identity anhow….and hiding can actually encourage a CDRP…So it gets you nowhere other than to avoid someone like me finding out what domain name you own so I can easily contact you and know who you are, to make a deal.

In the Canadian .CA realm, domains are extraordinarily underdeveloped so we need all the contact and attention that we can get – not privacy! We dont want a marketplace with hidden vendors. We want a marketplace with vendors showing their wares off in public and making themselves available to bargain with each other.

04|24|2009 09:34 pm EDT

Globe Media Found Guilty By CIRA Panel For Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (.CA)

by Chad Kettner in Categories: ccTLDs

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Globe Media International Corp, a Canadian business whose contact person is Mr. Stefano Venneri, has been found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking by a Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) panel – a very serious offense that includes a potential penalty of $5000 – for trying to take the domain name away from its rightful owner, Bonfire Development, a domain name acquisition company from Calgary, Alberta. It is the first time anybody has been found guilty of this offense by the CIRA. (more…)

03|24|2009 03:22 pm EDT

.UK and .CA Registries Preparing For Conficker C Worm

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Registries

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According to recent reports, the Conficker C worm – a malicious program that allows a master computer to take control of “zombie” PCs – will be active again on April 1, 2009. The news has domain name registries – such as Nominet for .uk and CIRA for .ca – increasing security measures for their domain name registration process.

The original version of the virus, Conficker A, was released in late 2008 and quickly spread to over 15 million PCs. It then used 32 daily generated web addresses (out of a pool of 250 domains) as the means of communication between the master computer and the zombies and attempted to sell fake antivirus software to computer users.

While the initial infections were serious, they haven’t spawned many symptoms up to this point. However, the Conficker C worm is expected to create a much larger impact, with BBC reporting that the C variant will randomly select 500 domain servers each day from a pool of 50,000. (more…)