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12|19|2012 06:35 pm EDT

Jasmine Begg joins .CO Internet as Director of Sales and Marketing, EMEA

by Frank Michlick in Categories: People

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Jasmine Begg with a Rhinoceros - picture from CO Internet

As announced in a blog post by Crystal Peterson, Jasmine Begg is the new Director of Sales and Marketing, EMEA at .CO Internet. Most of the people in the domain industry know her from her time at German registar InternetX, where she served as Team Leader of International Business and attended many conferences.

Crystal Peterson writes:

I couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to work with Jasmine to help position .CO as a leading online brand and the domain name of choice for startups, small businesses and new and established brands in the European market. It’s fantastic that Jasmine speaks more than four languages including German, Bengali, Spanish and English – because it will undoubtedly help in spreading the .CO message worldwide!


08|24|2011 02:53 pm EDT

NameJet adds .CO Backorders

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Aftermarket, Up to the Minute

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After CO Internet, the operator of the .CO registry recently announced that their renewal rate was about 66% at the end of July and “expect to see somewhere in the nature of 68-69% renewal rates for July once all late renewals are totaled“. The first drop catching providers have now added the ability to go after expiring .CO domain names, with NameJet being the latest company to add the ccTLD. NameJet is also featuring pre-release .CO names from their partner registrars, such as and

[Updated] As far as we and our readers here at DNN know, .CO backorders are currently available via:

Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments. Are you planning to backorder any?

More details on the .CO backorder/drop process can be found in this post on The Domains.

08|17|2011 04:34 am EDT

Yahoo! Introduces PPC Limits for Parked Domains on Five TLDs [updated]

by Frank Michlick in Categories: PPC industry

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According to an email sent by domain parking company TrafficZ last night, Yahoo! has introduced a daily revenue cap for parked domains in the .biz, .co, .info, .tv and .us TLDs. If a domain exceeds the revenue cap, no more paid Yahoo! ads will be displayed on the domain for another three days.

Unfortunately the announcement does not reveal the revenue cap, which could potentially be determined on a per domain basis. I would expect the parking companies that are on a Yahoo! feed to either a) implement a backup feed for those TLDs or b) ensure that a backup feed is used once Yahoo! ceases to deliver ads for those domains.

[Update]: We now have a confirmation from & that this restriction was also imposed on their Yahoo! feed. Craig Rowe told DNN via email: “Yes, this is affecting our Yahoo feed as well, and all Yahoo domain match feeds.  In our case, when the capping kicks in, we backfill the domain with ads from second-tier feeds.  So, it’s not that a domain will make no money, but rather it’ll earn less from those ads.

[Update2]: TrafficZ sent another update on Aug 17, offering “TrafficZ clients with exceptional .INFO, .US, .TV, .BIZ and/or .CO domains” to submit those domains to their account team for further review. The email goes on to say that “where appropriate, TrafficZ will work with Yahoo! to have revenue cap limits raised or removed from qualified domains, regardless of TLD“.

See the full note mailed by TrafficZ after the jump.


07|19|2010 12:40 pm EDT

Final Day for .CO Pre-Orders Before the Launch

by Frank Michlick in Categories: ccTLDs

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Screenshot of 300.Com.Co SiteBefore tomorrow’s General Availability Launch of the .CO ccTLD domain registrations, today is the final day to place pre-orders. The local Colombian based registrar Mi.Com.Co has launched a site offering the top 300 places in its registration queue. Prices start at $300 and are lowered the later the spot in the queue is. Currently the site shows 50 registrations pending approval.

Domain Name Wire has published a handy guide listing a number of registrars where .CO domains can be registered.

Disclaimer: The .CO registry is one of our advertisers along with the company that operates the website.

05|21|2009 02:27 am EDT

.CO ccTLD management open for tender

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Up to the Minute

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The Colombian Ministry of Telecommunications has just published their final tender for bids for the operation of the .CO ccTLD yesterday. There will also be a session for comments and questions held today at 2:30pm in Bogota. Applications are due by June 16th 2009.

[via ccTLDs Forum]

10|06|2008 04:12 am EDT

.OM Registry Consulting Contract Awarded

by Adam Strong in Categories: ccTLDs

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Qinetics, a registry solution provider in Malaysia, announced on Sunday that they have been awarded the contract to manage as consultants to develop policy and procedures for the .OM ccTLD for the country of Oman.  The entire company press release can be read at the end of the post.

The ccTLD .OM is one of three highly desirable ccTLDs because of the typo traffic that spills over to these extension by way of internet users leaving off a letter when typing the popular GTLD .COM.  The traffic that would come to any domain with this extension by mistake could be sent to a search engine landing page. For example, say a registrant were to purchase the domain name  From the sheer volume of traffic that receives, it is natural that thousands of users will leave off the “C” in .com every day and it can be assumed many of those users will click or search on whatever page they land on. (more…)