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10|06|2009 03:14 am EDT and’s Domain Distribution Network Working Together Again

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Sales

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With the announcement of Photon Group’s take-over move, Dark Blue Sea (ASX:DBS), parent company of and Domain Distribution Network (DDN) has seen it’s share of headline news in the domain space this week.  DBS announced today, in an investors release (PDF), that they have entered in to a new agreement with Godaddy to market the DBS domain portfolio.

No specific details about the new agreement were released in the statement.  DBS and Godaddy started a 5 year agreement in 2008 whereby DBS was able to market their domains through Godaddy’s sales channel.  However, in July DBS announced that Godaddy had terminated their agreement.  No details were given at the time for the reason. The importance of this relationship was made clear in statements from that release when DBS stated that they believe “the impact of this may have a material adverse affect on future revenue and profit.”  The release also noted “The company has it’s own sales channel that, whist it makes a material contribution to overall sales, is one that the company has not aggressively pursued due to our GoDaddy agreement.”

GoDaddy is one of a number of partners with whom Dark Blue Sea makes domain sales, but clearly from previous statements, Godaddy continues to be an integral part of their distribution plans.  The company also recently announced a distribution partnership with Moniker/ and has ongoing relationships with other registrars including, Tucows/OpenSRS, Network Solutions and Melbourne IT.

[Update] Dark Blue Sea has released more details and information on the contract with GoDaddy.

07|16|2009 07:37 pm EDT

GoDaddy Cancels Domain Distribution Agreement with Dark Blue Sea

by Frank Michlick in Categories: News

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DDN logoAccording to a filing with the Australian Stock Exchange (PDF), Dark Blue Sea (ASX:DBS, the parent company of and the Domain Distribution Network (DDN), domain registrar GoDaddy has canceled their distribution agreement. This means that as of August 13th, 2009 GoDaddy is no longer listing domains from their own “Fabulous Domains” portfolio and domains from other sellers under this distribution agreement. According to the announcement GoDaddy has not provided a reason of the cancellation of the agreement and DBS is awaiting some additional information from them. In the meantime DBS plans to emphasize their own sales channel in order to avoid an adverse affect on their sales numbers.

Read the full announcement after the jump. (more…)

07|02|2009 01:40 am EDT

Redesigned and Launched

by Adam Strong in Categories: News

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fab_logoDark Blue Sea, parent company to and, released newly updated sites for both services today.  Domain name registrar announced new enhanced security features and whois privacy just short of two weeks ago. The new Fabulous site coincides with the launch of these new features and gives the registrar a fresh new face.

When asked about the upgrades, DBS CEO Gregory Platz stated  “Our new branding positions as THE complete solution for domain professionals. Our premium services encompass registration, monetization and domain sales. The introduction of free WHOIS privacy and the security key are the first of many new initiatives.”
DDN logoIn addition the Domain Distribution Network (DDN) has been redesigned.  DDN is an aftermarket sales channel for domain names that connects domain name sellers and domain sales channels together providing a much easier way to sell domains at multiple sites. The newly updated site provides a greater amount of information on the process from both a domain sellers and distribution partners perspective.   I noticed the site also include the DDN partners which it had previously not included.  Platz stated, “We’re very proud to list our Domain Distribution Network partners. No other domain sales network provides sellers with the reach that we do.”  Distribution partners include, Network Solutions,,, SnapNames, FreshDrop, and

06|04|2009 02:22 am EDT

Dan Warner Sails From Dark Blue Sea

by Adam Strong in Categories: People, PPC industry

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danDan Warner, one of the most public faces of Dark Blue Sea has left  his position as COO of DBS (parent company of  Warner had been with DBS  for over 7 years.

Warner, probably best known for his in-depth data analysis and his leadership role at, has been a featured speaker at many domain industry conferences.  More recently, Warner and DBS introduced a new angle on the domain aftermarket with the Domain Distribution Network.

Dark Blue Sea announced key personnel changes just 2 months ago.  CEO Richard Moore is stepping back from that position on July 1 . Moore announced he would not be seeking to renew his contract but would stay on board as a 1/2 time executive director.  Dark Blue Sea CFO, Gregory Platz, will be taking over as CEO.

Warner told DNN, “DBS was a good company to work for and I think they are still Fabulous.  It was just time for me to do something new. I’m focusing on projects of growth, development and innovation with active interests and roles in the domain channel. I’m diversifying into more active “hands on” development projects, and as a free agent I can consult and develop just about anything.”

We were happy to hear that Warner planned to stay involved in the domain space. Rumor has it that he will be actively blogging at in the coming weeks.  We hope to have him as a guest contributor to DNN in the future.

You can now contact Dan Warner at and +61 414 789 50

03|09|2008 11:19 pm EDT

Godaddy and Dark Blue Sea Strengthen Relationships

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Aftermarket

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Dark Blue Sea, parent company of have entered into a five year agreement with Godaddy to sell domain names from the Dark Blue Sea portfolio through Godaddy’s sales channels. The agreement also puts Godaddy in a position to become a major shareholder in DBS.