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08|01|2013 02:00 pm EDT

Huffington Post on the Importance of the URL & Domain Name and Direct Navigation Traffic

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Miscellaneous, Up to the Minute

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In an article that was published by the Huffington Post Canada last week, the founder and CEO of  RIWI Corporation talks about the importance of the browser URL bar and Direct Navigation. RIWI is a data analytics company

Citing a number of different sources, the article concludes that Direct Navigation is a continuous traffic that also helps the connection with the brand and create trust.

Two data points from the article that I hadn’t heard of before:

In 2010, Google was cited (notably in research by Amy Langville of the Mathematics Department of Charleston College) saying that 15 per cent of Web users use the URL bar to reach ads/buying decisions as opposed to hyperlinks. Note: this is not a statistic of the per centage of people who use the URL bar vs. search but rather a per centage of those who simply reach their ad destination via the URL bar as opposed to hitting on an ad hyperlink. Actual use of the URL bar thus has to be higher than 15 per cent if that Google figure is right.


Web and tablet access to sites is rising dramatically. Many mobile users prefer direct navigation URL bar search to searching in Google or Bing or other search sites. The reason is this: the URL is bigger and mobile phone displays are rising. Comparing across categories, (study by Marketing Land, 2012), the results are clear:

Direct navigation: 43 per cent
Search engine: 24 per cent
Direct navigation: 46 per cent
Search engine: 37 per cent
Direct navigation: 44 per cent
Search engine: 33 per cent

Read the full article here.

[Hat tip to Sedo]

11|18|2011 09:00 am EDT

The Week In Domains

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Weekly Highlights

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And here’s the week in Domains – here at DNN and elsewhere. I’m hoping to bring this back as a weekly post, wish me luck ;-)

Here at DNN:

Elsewhere in the Domain Industry:

Outside the Domain Industry:

What do you think were the biggest news for the domain industry this week? Let us know in the comments.

04|15|2011 02:41 pm EDT

US Government Seizes Poker Domains, Charges Principals

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Legal Issues

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The US government seized the domains for Poker Stars, Absolute Poker, and Full Tilt Poker and charged the site principals with bank fraud, illegal gambling offenses and laundering billions in illegal gambling proceeds.



See the full press release after the jump

03|16|2011 01:48 pm EDT To Be Decommissioned – 11th oldest Domain

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Up to the Minute

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According to iwhois, is the 11th oldest domain name together with, registered on March 1986. Oracle, who purchased Sun Microcomputers in 2009, is apparently now decommissioning the brand and domain according to a blog post on the OTN garage blog. The domain had been redirecting to a Oracle site for a while and the post states that most of the site content has already been migrated.

According to responses to the comments on the blog post will continue to function for now, so it appears that the domain is not going up for sale immediately. The current expiry date is 20-Mar-2012.  Other commentators also question what will happen to other subdomains, such as the which is embedded on many websites using Java applets.

[via Engadget, Sun OTN Blog]

12|17|2010 12:24 pm EDT

Dutch Anti-Piracy Group Takes Down Download Sites

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Up to the Minute

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After US authorities seized domain names twice earlier this year, a Dutch Anti-Piracy group  (BREIN) has now been able to follow suit and shut down 29 additional sites by working with the MPAA and the sites’ hosting providers; in this case the domain names itself were apparently not seized. The last set of seized domain names by US Immigration and Customs were taken over by ordering the registry operator, Verisign to change the nameserves and lock the seized domain names at the registry level.

As TechDirt reports, BREIN has apparently shut down 29 sites, but has refused to provide a list of the sites according to TorrentFreak, so it is not known if the sites were actually directly offering downloads or merely acted as pointers to peer 2 peer downloads. The sites were shut down without informing the owners and at least one of them ( was temporarily redirected to BREIN’s website. Considering the shut-down happened at the hosting level, the owners of the domain names will be able to repoint them to another hosting company. Currently is no longer resolving.

[via TechDirt]

09|21|2010 07:09 am EDT for Sale

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Sales, Up to the Minute

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While we normally do not publish news releases about domain names that are listed for sale, we thought this one was worth a note:

Ebook Solution Provider DNAML is accepting bids for the domain name, which they are considering to sell as “part of management’s recent decision to streamline DNAML’s focus on its core eBook technology platform and distribution/aggregation business“. Apparently the offer just includes the domain name and not the current ebook sale website hosted on the domain.

According to the press release: is the #1 organic search result for the keyword “ebook” across Google, Yahoo, Bing and all other major search engines. The site has produced over 4.7 million eBook downloads over the past year alone, with only 12,000 titles in inventory.

Initial bids are due to Viant Capital by 2:00 pm PDT on September 30, 2010 with closing expected to occur before the end of October. Interested parties can contact Viant Capital on dnaml(at)viantgroup(dot)com.

[via Press Release]

02|20|2010 04:23 pm EDT

Someone Smells Like a Freshly Registered Domain

by Adam Strong in Categories: Miscellaneous

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I found an interesting  product today while searching for some domain news articles.  It’s Domain, the men’s fragrance by Mary Kay.

Mary Kay describes the fragrance :  “Wrap him in the scent of hearth and home with Domain® Cologne Spray. He’s a breath of fresh air and so is this blend of lavender and oak moss.”

Nothing says “Domain” like lavender and oak moss, eh?

Maybe we can offer a rewrite and remix with DNN’s version : “Wrap him in the scent of the sea breeze of a beach side bungalow and the musky air of a grotto with Domain Cologne Spray. He’s a breath of fresh .com registrations and so is this blend of whiskey and Cuban cigar aromas.”

Could this be the perfect gift for your domainer husband/boyfriend ? Unfortunately, Domain cologne is not available at the domain    : )

12|03|2009 02:43 pm EDT

.TO ccTLD Becomes Worlds Shortest URL Shortener

by Frank Michlick in Categories: ccTLDs

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Until ICANN releases One Letter TLDs (no plans have been announced so far), .TO has now introduced the world’s shortest URL shortener in partnership with Unfortunately the new service comes with some problems:

When you try to access the service from your webbrowser, you can however not just enter “to” in your browser’s address bar, as that will trigger a search in most of today’s browsers. So you will have to enter “” instead. So the site will also append the “www.” in front of the shortened URL and thus actually negate their advantage of having the shortest URL – however without doing so, the generated addresses would most likely not pass the validation for a valid link used on most sites. The only alternative option is to write the addresses like this “http://to./d6Goe“, which most webbrowsers will then again correctly identify as a domain.

[via YCombinator News]

05|26|2009 09:51 am EDT Beta launched

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Up to the Minute

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As announced via email today, Francois Carrillo, operator of and, has launched a public Beta of, a free automated Domain Evaluation tool. Shortly after he sent out the launch email however, it seems that the site was temporarily not responding, possibly due to a high load.

The estimated value of the domain name is based on recent sales and according to the site.

04|24|2009 09:01 am EDT

Sedo launches MLS services

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Sales

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Sedo MLS Explanation

Sedo is launching “Sedo MLS” today, a domain listing, sales and transfer fulfilment platform similar to‘s Domain Distribution Network. In the initial launch phase the product is mostly aimed at partnering with registrars in order to facilitate sale and instant transfer of domain names. According to inside sources Sedo already has several partners lined up that will implement and offer the service shortly.

More information can be found on the new Sedo MLS site and in a forthcoming press release.