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07|07|2010 09:42 am EDT

Have Your Say on Domain Transfers and Domain Hijacking

by Michele Neylon in Categories: ICANN / Policy

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The following is a guest post by Michele Neylon, founder of the web hosting company Blacknight and chairman of the working group asking for feedback in this article. Since ICANN policy affects us all, we encourage our readers to provide their feedback on the issues identified by the working group.

ICANN’s Generic Names Supporting Organisation (GNSO) has formed a working group to consider changes to the domain transfer process to enhance security and reduce hijacking.  The working group consists of registrars, aftermarket players, domainers and other members of the ICANN Community.  The group published its preliminary recommendations at the ICANN meeting in Brussels two weeks ago and the 20-day comment period has just begun.

The key areas of focus for the working group are as follows:

  1. Whether a process for urgent return/resolution of a domain name should be developed, as discussed within the SSAC hijacking report (; see also;
  2. Whether additional provisions on undoing inappropriate transfers are needed, especially with regard to disputes between a Registrant and Admin Contact. The policy is clear that the Registrant can overrule the AC, but how this is implemented is currently at the discretion of the registrar;
  3. Whether special provisions are needed for a change of registrant near a change of registrar. The policy does not currently deal with change of registrant, which often figures in hijacking cases;
  4. Whether standards or best practices should be implemented regarding use of Registrar Lock status (e.g., when it may/may not, should/should not be applied);
  5. Whether, and if so, how best to clarify denial reason #7: A domain name was already in “lock status” provided that the Registrar provides a readily accessible and reasonable means for the Registered Name Holder to remove the lock status.

Comments by registrants, registrars and other interested parties are strongly encouraged and can be viewed at:

The deadline for submitting comments is 25 July, 2010.

12|06|2008 04:00 pm EDT

WARNING : Stolen Domain Names Being Reportedly Offered For Sale

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Legal Issues

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The domaining message boards have been buzzing ever since a purported domain thief created a website to offer his long list of stolen domains for sale.  The purported thief, sometimes referred to as Omid J, has been tracked down by other domainers in the past but he hasn’t typically been as brazen to create a website to list and sell the domain names. However, over the last week many domainers have been receiving emails advising them to go to to receive great deals on premium domain names. It wasn’t long until the domaining community caught on.  According to several reports, after responding to the emails the seller reported that some of the domains had already been sold. (more…)

06|27|2008 04:23 pm EDT

ICANN and IANA Domain Names Hijacked

by Adam Strong in Categories: ICANN / Policy, Miscellaneous

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According to website Zone-H, a group of Turkish hackers hijacked ICANN and IANA domain names on Thursday morning. All of the domain names are registered at The group took over control of the domain names, including,, and The DNS records were changed and redirected to the hackers site with the following message :

You think that you control the domains but you don’t! Everybody knows wrong. We control the domains including ICANN!

Don’t you believe us?

haha :)

(Lovable Turkish hackers group)

This is the second major group to have their domain names hijacked in the last 30 days.  Previously domain names were hijacked at Network Solutions. So much for “preserving and enhancing the operational stability, reliability, security, and global interoperability of the Internet” eh ?

06|01|2008 05:19 pm EDT

Network Solutions Giving Tips On Protecting Domains

by Adam Strong in Categories: Up to the Minute

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One day after the Comcast Corporation domain name accounts at were compromised by hackers, the domain name registrar released a post on their Solutions Are Power blog providing tips for registrants on how to protect their domain names. The article “8 Tips to Protect Your Domain Registration” fails to include a very obvious tip. . . I’m sure you can figure it out. ;)

05|30|2008 02:57 pm EDT Domain Hijacked at Network Solutions

by Adam Strong in Categories: Featured

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Yesterday evening, a pair of hackers took control of Comast Corporation’s domain names. They were able to hack into the administration area within the registrar NetworkSolutions. Access to NSI allowed the hackers privilege to change the DNS records on Comcast’s main domain as well as over 200 other domain names. (Keep reading for more details) (more…)