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12|24|2008 12:58 am EDT

Domainers Aren’t Early Adopters

by Adam Strong in Categories: Miscellaneous

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Some of the more outspoken veterans of the domain name business like to think of themselves as early adopters, likely because of their early awareness and insight into the power of domain names.  However, for most domainers this early adoption of one particular form of naming has not carried over to early adoption in other emerging internet media.

Sahar Sarid wrote about  “Your name = Your brand“, citing examples of several domain name industry veterans who did or did not own their name in .com   While domain names remain a powerful vehicle for controlling personal branding, the growth in social media is also increasing the importance of other forms of naming.  As we pointed out earlier, user names on social media platforms are already being compared to domain names. If protecting your personal name is important in .com, it should be just as important to protect your name on the new social media sites. (more…)

10|08|2008 09:34 pm EDT

How to Hold a Domain Conference

by M. Fiol in Categories: Featured

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Shows Need to Adapt to Domainers, Not the Other Way Around
So what’s wrong with domain conferences? A lot. For one thing, they look, feel and smell the same way they did two, four, six years ago: the same template, the same ballrooms, the same panels, the same, the same, the same.

But really, what’s the issue? It’s simple: no real domainers. Shows are now comprised almost entirely of vendors selling their wares to each other, the familiar screen names and faces have faded from the scene – unable to muster the energy to eat more conference food, see another panel or even attend another ‘sausage-fest’ domain party. (more…)

10|06|2008 12:32 pm EDT

Clarifications on .OM Policies

by Adam Strong in Categories: Up to the Minute

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In an announcement earlier today, Qinetics was awarded the contract to run the .OM registry.  DNN contacted the press agent on the matter to follow up with a few question.

Will the registry be opening the registration to a global customer base or will the .OM extension only be available to residents of Oman ?
Will the registry be auctioning any domain names ?
Will there be a wild-carding of non-registered domain names such as what is being done on the .CM (cameroon) extension?

In response we were sent the following:
“As answers your questions, the proposed domain name policy framework is currently in public consultation stage, the details are available at TRA’s website

From the consultation document, it can be seen that Oman’s intention is to limit .om domain names to Oman companies. As for wildcard and auction, we apologise that we are not the decision makers so it would be inappropriate for us to comment.”

According to the framework paper, an applicant for the .OM must be “an excellent company registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Sultanate of Oman” and is required to show documentation to that effect.  The paper also identifies names that the registry will reserve, forbids the sale of domain names by registrants and addresses the issue of “misspellings and close and substantial connections” in a rule about typos. TRA is still accepting public commentary on all of these proposals through email at

In addition to providing us with this document, RegistryASP responded to our article by issuing the following statement on their blog :

Sorry to burst the bubble for domainers who seeks to monetize on typos but .OM ccTLD registry intent to only limit Oman companies to register domain names. You can read more about their policies over here.

Since the concept of wild-carding these domains doesn’t seem to clarified, these potential typos may still be monetized.  Oman and the registry operators seem to be making an effort try to prevent “domainers” from monetizing these domains with these policies. If there is anything that has been proven over the years, there are plenty of people who will find a way around “policies” to make a buck, “domainer” or not.

07|02|2008 12:14 am EDT

“Learn to Speak Better English!” He Yelled

by G Paris in Categories: Featured

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Incident in Paris Highlights Domainer Attitudes

Domain Name News’ award winning Senior Entertainment Analyst G. is back again with a new story. This time G. reports back from the recent Paris Domainer Meeting.

The second I heard it my eyes closed while their lids popped clean open, alert and ready to pummel. This was the wrong thing to say in an already bad situation, in the worst part of Paris, no not Texas, Paris, France via the DomainerMeeting. (more…)

06|03|2008 01:21 pm EDT

Domainer Earnings Topping the Charts

by Adam Strong in Categories: Miscellaneous

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Paula Mooney has a  “List of Bloggers Salaries (and Webmasters, Affiliate Marketers, Content Scrapers, Domainers and any other title you can think of)” . It’s unclear why she decided to add domainers to this list (other than for linkbait ) but domainers Kevin Ham and Frank Schilling dominate the top 2 positions.

We’d venture to guess that many other domainers could easily unseat the other positions on her list, but most domainers remain guarded and private in their businesses. For example, Jay Westerdal’s published his controversial post Millionaire Domainers last summer and within minutes, dozens of names were requested to be removed from the list.

Caught this oldie but goodie post thanks to our friend Donna at