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11|21|2012 11:42 am EDT

Domaintools Data on Whois Privacy [Infographic]

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Registrars

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DomainTools released an info graphic on whois privacylast week and we wanted to make sure that you didn’t miss it. DomainTools went through their data and identified 130 different privacy services across almost 225 million unique domain name Whois records. Almost 32 million domains were identified as private, or about 15% of the total population they reviewed.

Privacy Concentration for Registrars with between 100K and 1MM Domains Under Management:

  1. PTY LTD  94%
  2. April Sea Information Technology Corporation 93%
  3. New Dream Network (DreamHost) LLC  91%
  4. Brandon Gray Internet Services (  80%
  5. Bargin Regisgtrar 76%
  6. BigRock Solutions pvt LTD  47%
  7. Cloud Group Limited 47%
  8. Netart Registrar Sp. z.o.o. 47%
  9. Net Earth One (Net Earth)  43%
  10. FBS Inc.  43%

Privacy Concentration for Registrars with over 1MM Domains Under Management:

  1. GMO Internet (  51%
  2. pty LTD 48%
  3. PDR (  37%
  4. DomainSite  33%
  5. Moniker Online Services  26%
  6.  25%
  7. Enom  25%
  8. Network Solutions  23%
  9. Tucows  22%
  10. GoDaddy  21%

Privacy Concentration for TLDs with over 1MM Domains in DNS:

  1. INFO  28%
  2. CN  20%*
  3. ORG  20%
  4. COM  19%
  5. NET  19%
  6. BIZ  18%
  7. MOBI  17%
  8. CO  17%
  9. JP 12%
  10. IN 1%

* Nearly all the ‘private’ domains in .CN are associated with one registrar and privacy provider, and there are indications of underlying domain tasting on .CN as well.  Absent this registrar, privacy on .CN is virtually nil.

Some TLDs that do not provide a public whois or only provide a limited public whois were excluded from the survey.

04|05|2012 09:55 am EDT

DomainTools to releases new Marketplace Search

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Tools

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DomainTools Market Place Search

DomainTools has always included affiliate links to domains listed in various marketplaces in their search results before, but has now enhanced the search functionality for domain markplace listings.

As the company’s  Mark Kendrick writes:

Of course, simply mashing together nearly 20 million domain sales listings in a table and sticking a search box on it doesn’t solve anyone’s problems, and it sure won’t be fast. Our back-end engineers used new technology they’d been researching to help structure and index the data while our front-end team applied several patterns and techniques that make parsing that much data usable and even fun.

As he goes on, it appears our industry still has to go a long way then it comes to getting word about the aftermarket out there, so they aimed to build a tool that allows users to sift through large amounts of domain listings without a frustrating experience.

Our user research (yes, we interviewed real people!) uncovered an interesting trend: plenty of people know you can register a domain name, but they are almost completely unaware of the secondary market. Surprisingly, it’s not the price that’s keeping them away. They usually have a few hundred dollars, or maybe a bit more, to spend on the right domain name, but they don’t know what to buy or where to find it. Even those who found their way to the popular domain sales platforms were confused or intimidated by what they saw. They abandoned the process and resigned themselves to a sub-par domain name.

If you share your feedback with the DomainTools Team before Friday, April 13th you will be eligible for a $50 DomainTools add-on credit or some DomainTools swag. They ask for your to email your feedback to to qualify.

Disclaimer: DomainTools is an advertiser on DNN.

[via DomainTools Blog]

12|06|2011 06:00 am EDT

DomainTools Launches

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Tools

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As announced in a Press Release that went out early this morning, DomainTools just launched a new site, The site makes the entire website screenshots of DomainTools available for search. When you conduct a search on the site, aside from the history of screenshots it will also display the amount of domains the domain owner owns, the amount of domains on the same nameservers as well as similar sites.

The DomainTools thumbnail image capture system, the back-end service for, was originally developed in 2004. The current version now checks up to 1,000,000 websites a day and, unlike other screenshot services, captures critical external resources like ads and images (even though those do not appear to show in the screenshots for DNN). With, what you see is exactly what a visitor would have seen when they visited the site.  Domain investors, trademark attorneys and brand agents alike have relied upon DomainTools’ screenshot history tool to make more informed business decisions and to investigate and defend potential trademark-infringing domain names.

[Update] DomainTools just put up a background post on their blog.

The DomainTools network now emcompasses:

DomainTools had bought the domain for $32,500 in Q1 of this year according to DNJournal.

Disclaimer: DomainTools is a current advertiser on DNN.

See the full press release after the jump.


12|01|2011 01:33 pm EDT

DomainTools Giving Away a Free Reverse Whois Report

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Up to the Minute

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DNN’s advertiser DomainTools is giving away a free Reverse Whois Report for up to $99 to a winner in a giveaway they launched recently. In order to enter, visit their site to send an email to Santa before January 2nd, 2011. Maybe here’s a chance to run the query you’ve been waiting to run for free…

08|29|2011 09:34 am EDT

DomainTools Releases Mail Server Investigation Site,

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Tools

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As announced today, DomainTools has just released a new site,, The website allows users to analyze MX (mail exchanger) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework) usage and configuration by region and or network, helping to uncover relevant relationships.

In order to build the ReverseMX product, DomainTools has researched and gathered intelligence on mail server data related to over 130 million domains by querying their nameservers. ReverseMX not only uncovers which mail services are the most popular on a domains-in-use basis, it also uniquely correlates relationships between mail servers. You can also see which domains are hosted by a specific mailserver.

Says Tim Chen, CEO, DomainTools, “The DomainTools brand has historically been about surfacing and correlating interesting data around domain names and the DNS. The release of gets us back to those roots while simultaneously allowing us to experiment with some new database technologies that will help us to serve more data faster. We are looking forward to seeing how our strong community of active users can benefit from our SPF and MX data.”

See the full press release after the jump.


08|25|2011 08:54 pm EDT

DomainTools Announced Investment in OpenRegistry

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Registries

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The .SX (Saint Martin) registry operator, Open Registry, announced today during the Dot NXT conference that it had received an additional investment by a strategic investors, including While the amount of the investment was not disclosed, the company stated that one of their board seats would also go to

Jean-Christophe Vignes, CEO, comments “From the beginning we have focused on building the most flexible registry platform, a next-generation platform, with a team that has done it before.  Bringing DomainTools and other new investors on board at this time will provide invaluable insight into growing our commercial enterprise and providing world class support to our clients”

Susan Prosser, Vice-President Product & Marketing of DomainTools adds: “OpenRegistry, with its proven technology platform and deep industry experience, is uniquely positioned to create value for clients interested in launching new gTLDs.  DomainTools is pleased to contribute to their success”.

The company was founded in 2010 by individuals involved in the creation and operation of the .eu and .be registries, is based in Luxemburg and has offices and Canada and Belgium.

[via Press Release]

07|13|2011 10:55 am EDT

DomainTools Relaunches API

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Tools

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DomainTools API Screeshot

This morning, DomainTools has announced a revamped verision of their API. What originally started as a tool for domain name suggestions and has since been expanded to include almost all of the data and functionality of the DomainTools website.

Sample uses of the API are:

  • Add value to lists of domain names by highlighting important statistics such as historical event counts and related domain names
  • Tap into the largest available database of historic Whois records to discover the true legacy of a domain name
  • Set up a customized keyword or trademark monitoring system to keep tabs on domain registrations
  • Quickly search through millions of domain names to find the perfect domain for a specific project

The DomainTools API is available today and can be set up in three steps via the DomainTools API Web page.

The pricing requires a monthly subscription of $39.95 for each of the services on top of per query pricing ranging from $0.0025 (domain profile) to $0.95 for (whois history). Reverse whois is priced based on the amount of domains included in the report. Services accessible via API are:

  • Domain Profile
  • Whois Lookup
  • Whois History
  • Hosting History
  • Reverse IP
  • Name Server Report
  • Reverse Whois
  • Domain Suggestions
  • Domain Search
  • Mark Alert
  • Registrant Alert

Tim Chen, CEO of DomainTools, stated that “DomainTools has seen increasing demand for dataaccess, and we are excited to make these powerful new APIs available to our individual and enterprise clients. We are already seeing initial partners integrating our data into their service offerings, and expect that the community will also be building innovative new products on top of DomainTools data.”

05|04|2011 09:54 am EDT

Who Shares Your Address

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Editorial

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Or: How to find other domainers in your home town

Like many domain owners I use a PO Box (in a UPS store in my case) as a whois address. While it’s not particularly hard to locate me, I do this for a number of reasons. For one, I do not want my home address listed everywhere. Another reason is that I may not always be home, but may still need access to my mail. If your PO Box is in a store and you have been a customer for a while, you can usually ask them for

Ultimately I would love to get even closer to being “paperless” and use a service like Earth Class Mail that scans your mails and can even deposit checks for you, but I have yet to find something like that in Canada – anyways, back on topic.

Yesterday I attended one of the startup community events here in Montreal – something like DemoCamp that went by the name of Montreal NewTech. Basically the event gives people a chance to demo their product or an early prototype of their product and gather some questions & feedback from the community. To make a long story short, one of the demos I saw lead me to look up a domain name related to one of the presentations I saw – and lo and behold the domain owner has his PO Box in the same location as I do.

I remembered seeing someone else using the same store as a whois address (obviously with a different box number), so I got curious and wanted to know if there are any other like-minded people using the same store. A quick search on Google “123 business st” revealed that there are at least seven(!) other people with more than 25 domains that own mailboxes in the same store (and a number of small businesses using a PO box as their whois address). I think send the people with 25+ names a note this week and invite them to next week’s DomainConvergence conference.

This kinda reminded me how back in the late 80s and early 90s I used a PO box in Germany to swap computer demos (= computer art) with other people all around the world. I got ended up running into someone who also picked up envelopes that curiously looks like they contained 5 1/4″ diskettes, so I approached them and found out that they were part of the “computer scene” as well – a friendship ensued.

01|24|2011 02:39 pm EDT

Richard Lau Purchases from Andrew Moulden

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Tools

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When had a sudden change in its interface at the end of last week, many of its loyal users were surprised. DNN dug deeper and found out that there was also an ownership change behind the scene. The sales price has not been disclosed.

The new owner, industry veteran Richard Lau (who also is co-owner of the registrar) has added some new features to the site as well, allowing users to directly query domain related information at sites like Alexa, and many more. Lau told DNN “As an avid and loyal user of for many years, I am extremely proud to carry the mantle as the new owner of

Andrew Moulden had established in December of 2004 with the aim to provide a secure way of looking up domain names – the site quickly gained popularity after it was mentioned on a private forum and many of its early users (including the author of this article) have remained loyal to the site. While the method of lookup has now been changed to use the DomainTools whois API, the site will remain free of any front running activities. Richard Lau also is a member of the advisory board to DomainTools. As Moulden told DNN, “it was a condition of sale that there would be no front running.

The current trust policy states:

  • We do not monitor searched domains at iWhois that are available for registration.
  • We never access or extract such data from our server logfiles. These are emptied daily.

Lau added: “I have been running registrars since 2000 and have never engaged or enabled front-running and renew’s commitment to no front-running whatsoever.

04|29|2009 03:33 pm EDT

Geo-Domain Extended Auction Open Until May 5

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Auction

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The Geo-Domain Extended Auction is continuing until May 5 – and there are still over 30 premium domains available to bid on including…

  • – $15,000 – Augsburg, Germany, is a city with a population of 270,000.
  • – $3500 – Albuquerque, New Mexico, is the 34th largest city in the US with a metropolitan population of nearly 850,000.
  • – $14,000 – Beach Haven is a beach-front resort on the southern part of Long Beach Island, New Jersey. The median home value there is over $600,000.
  • – $21,000 – Ponce is the second largest city in Puerto Rico outside of the San Juan metropolitan area with a population of nearly 200,000.
  • – $35,000 – Santa Clarita is the fourth largest city in Los Angeles County, California with an estimated city population of over 175,000.
  • And many more.

As Andrew Allemann at Domain Name Wire points out, several names have already received active bidding (,, after the live event closed and that means these domains will sell.

Click here to visit the GeoDomain Extended Auction and check out the discounted prices that will only be around until 12:00pm PDT on May 5.

Extended Auction Page:

More Info/Geo-Domain Map:

[via Aftermarket]

Disclaimer: Adam Strong is affiliated with both Domain Name News and Domain Consultant.