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12|17|2010 12:24 pm EDT

Dutch Anti-Piracy Group Takes Down Download Sites

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Up to the Minute

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After US authorities seized domain names twice earlier this year, a Dutch Anti-Piracy group  (BREIN) has now been able to follow suit and shut down 29 additional sites by working with the MPAA and the sites’ hosting providers; in this case the domain names itself were apparently not seized. The last set of seized domain names by US Immigration and Customs were taken over by ordering the registry operator, Verisign to change the nameserves and lock the seized domain names at the registry level.

As TechDirt reports, BREIN has apparently shut down 29 sites, but has refused to provide a list of the sites according to TorrentFreak, so it is not known if the sites were actually directly offering downloads or merely acted as pointers to peer 2 peer downloads. The sites were shut down without informing the owners and at least one of them ( was temporarily redirected to BREIN’s website. Considering the shut-down happened at the hosting level, the owners of the domain names will be able to repoint them to another hosting company. Currently is no longer resolving.

[via TechDirt]

07|02|2010 04:41 pm EDT

US Authorities Seize Domain Names of Download Sites

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Legal Issues

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This Messages Appears on the Seized Domains

This Messages Appears on the Seized Domains

US Authorities announced today in a press conference held at Disney Studios in Burbank that their new initiative “Operation in Our Sites” seized nine domain names linked to websites that could be used to download pirated content. The initiative partners law-enforcement officials with representatives of the entertainment industry.

“American business is under attack from counterfeiters and pirates,” Immigration and Customs’ Assistant Secretary John Morton said at the press conference. “Internet crooks threaten the U.S. economy on a grand scale.”

Officials said that the seized sites had attracted 6.7 million visitors in a single month.The seized domain names and their registrars were:

  • (TodayNic)
  • (DirectI)
  • (DirectI)
  • (GoDaddy)
  • (eNom)
  • (Active 24)
  • (BIZCN)
  • (eNom)
  • (eNom)

Some of the domain names do not resolve, while the majority of them displays the “seized” message shown in a screenshot on the left. Not all of the registrars involved are located in the US.

[via The Wrap]