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11|21|2012 10:54 am EDT

Team Internet Acquires Elephant Traffic Brand & Customers

by Frank Michlick in Categories: PPC industry

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As announced on the Elephant Traffic website, Team Internet, parent company of ParkingCrew has purchased the customers and brand from Elephant Traffic as of November 16th, 2012. The traffic publishers of Elephant Traffic will be migrated to ParkingCrew where they now have access to the following features:

  • High-performing tier 1 ad feed for domain traffic that qualifies for this feed (looks like a Google Feed according to DNN research)
  • Large direct advertiser base for domain traffic that does not qualify for our primary feed
  • Stats at a glance by domain
  • Various „for sale“ banners
  • Flexible API
  • Net 15 payouts

Advertisers on Elephant Traffic will be migrated to, which allows them to benefit from:

  • 25 times more direct navigation traffic
  • More targeting options: Adult/Non-Adult, RON/Keyword, Pay per Redirect / PPC, Desktop/Mobile/Tablet, Carrier and Device targeting for mobile campaigns
  • Sophisticated fraud protection
  • State of the art reporting
  • Brand-safe traffic
  • Daily budget caps

The two companies had been working together already for a year.

09|24|2009 02:05 pm EDT

Elephant Traffic Releases Online Interface For Direct Navigation Traffic – Looking For More Premium Domain Names

by Chad Kettner in Categories: News

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elephant-trafficElephant Traffic has launched its new online service for direct navigation advertising – offering domainers a risk-free monetization method for high quality, high traffic generic domain names.

The Elephant Traffic service allows domainers to use their traffic for direct navigation advertising, offering the traffic from the domain names to advertisers on a cost-per-visitor basis and re-routing visitors to the advertiser’s site of preference.

The company currently uses thousands of domain names including,,,,,,,, and

“One of the most surprising things about internet use is that 14% of online searches are done by using direct navigation,” said Wei-Hai Chu, CEO of Elephant Traffic. “Elephant Traffic gives advertisers the ability to capture this highly targeted traffic quickly and easily using a streamlined interface.”

The only problem facing Elephant Traffic at this moment, however, is the need for more domains. (more…)