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03|11|2011 01:14 am EDT Partners With eNom, as Parent Company Photon Group “Clear Decks” [Updated]

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Registrars

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Domain Registrar announced this evening that they have partnered with domain name registrar eNom. Emails sent to their customer base (quoted in full below) this evening aren’t exactly clear in what capacity the two companies will be partnering. Fabulous says that the partnership allows them to “streamline and optimize our registrar technology, freeing us to focus on what has been key to our success:- great tools, great support” and that they “continue to remain a wholly-owned business of Dark Blue Sea“.

[Updated/added] A representative of eNom told DNN: “The websites will remain in place and they will be leveraging eNom’s Registrar API technology to operate some of the backend Registrar operations. This shouldn’t effect the way customers do business with Fabulous except it will allow them to leverage some additional TLDs and products currently not offered.

Fabulous’ announcement of Yexa, a registrar reseller software, in the summer of 2010 was an interesting move in to a space that eNom, a Demand Media company, dominates, the reseller business. Enom’s partnership with a potential competitor in that space, leaves one wondering about the specific arrangements. Recent news from Photon Group could also leave one wondering if there’s more to this arrangement as well.

Fabulous parent company Dark Blue Sea (DBS) was acquired by Photon Group in 2009. Photon was in debt at the time and since then their stock hasn’t faired well since. Last summer Photon brought in a new CEO, Jeremy Philip from News Corp who announced that he was going to “clear decks.  With mounting debt and a new CEO at the helm Photon sold four of their online properties.  The company sold in January 2011 and released a statement saying “Photon is examining its search marketing businesses” (of which DBS is it’s largest company) and “assessing the impact of the carrying value of the remainder of the search marketing businesses.”  An announcement on the Photon site [PDF] states, “The Company continues to concentrate on its strategic review and operational improvements across the business.

As of December 2010 Photon had reduced the number of companies owned from 45 to 28 and rumors about a potential sale of Dark Blue Sea have been circulating. DBS referred DNN requests for more information to Photon. DNN has not been able to reach Photon Group contacts..

See a full copy of the email that went out to Fabulous’ customers after the jump.


01|28|2011 04:28 am EDT

Fabulous’ Mike Robertson and Jen Sale Resign

by Frank Michlick in Categories: People

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DNN received an email tonight from Mike Robertson and Jen Sale from Dark Blue Sea (aka that they have jointly resigned from their positions.  They will stay on board for a handover period that should end by February 28th. The down-under duo won’t be disappearing from the domain space any time soon though.  They have plans to stay in the space and partner together.

Sale told DNN, “We’ve both had a great run at DBS thanks to our co-workers and especially our clients at Fabulous. We’re really excited about furthering our careers in the space as we explore new opportunities together.

Dark Blue Sea was taken over by Australian company Photon Group in late 2009 . CEO Richard Moore stepped down shortly after the acquisition and later Dan Warner moved on from the company to head

DNN has seen nothing but praise from customers about the quality of support from Robertson and Sale. Many domainers consider them to be the best service and support team in the space.  After 9 years of working at DBS in Business Development and Account Management roles, they have a wealth of experience, contacts and satisfied customers that will surely be invaluable in whatever they do together.

07|08|2010 04:45 am EDT Launches Yexa Beta for Registrars and Resellers – Exclusive Interview

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Registrars

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As  Andrew at Domain Name Wire revealed, is going to be releasing a new solution for Registrars and Resellers by the name of Yexa. According to the PDF published on the preview site, that also hosts a sign-up form for the beta of the software, The software is going to allow customers to sell domains, SSL certificates and Hosting.

DNN chatted with Jen Sale about the launch and the features of the new product via Instant Messaging. Read the full interview and learn more about the new product after the jump. (more…)

10|07|2009 07:56 pm EDT

Details of the GoDaddy and Dark Blue Sea Deal

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Up to the Minute

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Dark Blue Sea (ASX:DBS) has filed a document with the Australian Stock Exchange which shows details of the Domain Distribution Network deal with GoDaddy. GoDaddy had signed a 5 year agreement in 2008 and then canceled it as of August 13, 2009. Yesterday the companies announced that a new agreement had been found.

The new document reveals that the options agreement of the 5 year term contract was tied to performance goals. Go Daddy were issued 6.5 million performance options with an expiry date of 7 June 2013 and an exercise price of 65 cents per DBS share. The announcement continues:

Under the terms of the performance options agreement, Go Daddy is currently able to exercise 1.6 million of the 6.5 million performance options. As the original domain sales agreement has been terminated, the remainder of the options expired. The Company has not entered into a new performance option agreement.

GoDaddy will resume selling premium domains once the new agreement has been implemented. Dark Blue Sea states that it is too early to assess the potential financial implication of the new agreement.

10|01|2009 03:09 pm EDT

Dark Blue Sea Acquires Australian Drop Catcher

by Adam Strong in Categories: Up to the Minute

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In a Dark Blue Sea press release, the parent company of announced the acquisition of an Australian Domain Name Business — enabling the company to become an Australian domain name reseller and generate revenues in AU dollars to help combat the current exchange rate.

“The acquisition will provide a source of A$ revenue which provides a natural hedge on part of Dark Blue Sea’s currency exposure,” the release said. “Currently the majority of Dark Blue Sea’s revenue and cost of goods sold is denominated in US$ with the majority of overheads denominated in A$.”

The acquisition positions Dark Blue Sea at the forefront of the emerging Australian domain market.

[via Dark Blue Sea]

Update: According to The Australian, the specific registrar was

09|28|2009 09:58 pm EDT

Passing On Some Inspiring Stories of Good In The Domain Business

by Adam Strong in Categories: Miscellaneous

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While I know that the desire of those who give of their “time, talent and treasure” is not to seek recognition, I’ve decided to point out several stories from people that I’ve met in the domain business that are giving back in ways that I find inspiring. Over the last few months, some of their stories have inspired me to think differently and look at the world in a different light. Some of them are donating money to charity, some of them are putting in time and serving and some are donating their talent to do good. I thought I’d share these short glimpses of what others are up to as a way to pass along the inspiration I felt from their efforts, in hopes of inspiring more stories.

I’m sure I’ll forget a few, but several stories that come to mind from the past include Donna Mahony and Bido’s benefit auction for the burro rescue, Michael Mann’s efforts with,  Eytan Elbaz’s whose PSA “Dear Parents” donated $25,000 to the Museum of Tolerance, Domainer Mardi Gras auction benefiting New Orleans Habitat for Humanity and’s head shaving fun (several times) to benefit cancer research. Domain registrar behemoth even touted charitable donation of a bunch of money toward several charities last year.

Recently, Ron Jackson pointed out a story of a group of domain investors and domain business leaders who are travelling to Kenya to learn of the efforts of the Water School.  The Water School a charity that is aiding in efforts to bring clean water to Africa.

Continued after the jump. (more…)

09|01|2009 08:53 pm EDT Expiring Domains Service Now Public

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Up to the Minute

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In August 2008, announced they were partnering with NameJet to sell all the company owned expiring domain names. Now, a year later, this service is open to the public.

“You may remember that in 2008 partnered with NameJet to sell our expiring domains,” a Fabulous representative said in an email. “After thorough testing on our own portfolio we are pleased to announce that this program is now available to you.

As an additional revenue opportunity, the Expiring Domains Service has delivered fantastic results for our own portfolio and those customers that were selected for our beta testing program. With the minimum sale price being US$69, it is a great way to squeeze out some final revenue before letting your domains expire.”

Domainers will receive 60% of the final sales prices (minus the renewal fee) for all domains sold through this service. After agreeing to the Expiring Domain Sales Agreement and Domain Inventory Management Agreement, all expiring domains in your account that are not listed as “never sell” will be automatically listed for sale at NameJet.

Domains can still be renewed for the first 30 days after the expiry date, however after this date it may not be possible to retain ownership of your domain names if you’re using this service.

[via Fabulous]

07|16|2009 07:37 pm EDT

GoDaddy Cancels Domain Distribution Agreement with Dark Blue Sea

by Frank Michlick in Categories: News

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DDN logoAccording to a filing with the Australian Stock Exchange (PDF), Dark Blue Sea (ASX:DBS, the parent company of and the Domain Distribution Network (DDN), domain registrar GoDaddy has canceled their distribution agreement. This means that as of August 13th, 2009 GoDaddy is no longer listing domains from their own “Fabulous Domains” portfolio and domains from other sellers under this distribution agreement. According to the announcement GoDaddy has not provided a reason of the cancellation of the agreement and DBS is awaiting some additional information from them. In the meantime DBS plans to emphasize their own sales channel in order to avoid an adverse affect on their sales numbers.

Read the full announcement after the jump. (more…)

07|02|2009 01:40 am EDT

Redesigned and Launched

by Adam Strong in Categories: News

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fab_logoDark Blue Sea, parent company to and, released newly updated sites for both services today.  Domain name registrar announced new enhanced security features and whois privacy just short of two weeks ago. The new Fabulous site coincides with the launch of these new features and gives the registrar a fresh new face.

When asked about the upgrades, DBS CEO Gregory Platz stated  “Our new branding positions as THE complete solution for domain professionals. Our premium services encompass registration, monetization and domain sales. The introduction of free WHOIS privacy and the security key are the first of many new initiatives.”
DDN logoIn addition the Domain Distribution Network (DDN) has been redesigned.  DDN is an aftermarket sales channel for domain names that connects domain name sellers and domain sales channels together providing a much easier way to sell domains at multiple sites. The newly updated site provides a greater amount of information on the process from both a domain sellers and distribution partners perspective.   I noticed the site also include the DDN partners which it had previously not included.  Platz stated, “We’re very proud to list our Domain Distribution Network partners. No other domain sales network provides sellers with the reach that we do.”  Distribution partners include, Network Solutions,,, SnapNames, FreshDrop, and

06|04|2009 02:22 am EDT

Dan Warner Sails From Dark Blue Sea

by Adam Strong in Categories: People, PPC industry

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danDan Warner, one of the most public faces of Dark Blue Sea has left  his position as COO of DBS (parent company of  Warner had been with DBS  for over 7 years.

Warner, probably best known for his in-depth data analysis and his leadership role at, has been a featured speaker at many domain industry conferences.  More recently, Warner and DBS introduced a new angle on the domain aftermarket with the Domain Distribution Network.

Dark Blue Sea announced key personnel changes just 2 months ago.  CEO Richard Moore is stepping back from that position on July 1 . Moore announced he would not be seeking to renew his contract but would stay on board as a 1/2 time executive director.  Dark Blue Sea CFO, Gregory Platz, will be taking over as CEO.

Warner told DNN, “DBS was a good company to work for and I think they are still Fabulous.  It was just time for me to do something new. I’m focusing on projects of growth, development and innovation with active interests and roles in the domain channel. I’m diversifying into more active “hands on” development projects, and as a free agent I can consult and develop just about anything.”

We were happy to hear that Warner planned to stay involved in the domain space. Rumor has it that he will be actively blogging at in the coming weeks.  We hope to have him as a guest contributor to DNN in the future.

You can now contact Dan Warner at and +61 414 789 50