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12|13|2012 01:50 pm EDT acquired by Noktadomains on Namejet for $57,500

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Sales

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As already reported by others sold on Namejet for a price of $57,500 domains on Namejet. DNN reached out to the buyer, Nokta Domains. Arif Şengören told DNN:

As, we are still going on buying premium domains in order to refresh and improve our domain portfolio. We are mainly focusing on one-word or two-word generic, commercial domains and was one of them.

We believe that, $57,500 is a fair price for a one-word domain and we are proud to be the owner of this domain. In a very near future, it will be impossible to find a one-word domain with 5 figure prices.

What do you think of the purchase price? What would you do with the domain?