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01|05|2013 04:47 pm EDT

Godaddy Reverses Multiple Groupon Code Redemptions

by Adam Strong in Categories: Registrars

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Lots of buzz surrounded the end of the year Godaddy Groupon code deal.  For $25 the deal would get you $70 in credit on godaddy.  The credit applied to anything they sold, including premium domain listings as some reported.  Some domainers/couponers went all-in buying groupons from the 70 or so cities that had the coupons available.  Godaddy has plugged that leak and reversed all those extra credits. As my grandfather taught me, “if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is”.

I have to admit I jumped in to this and bought a few extra. I have thousands of names and using these on renewals was too good of a deal to pass up. I just checked my account after seeing Domain Shane’s post and all charges have been reversed.  As Shane put it “Godaddy Blows It Again“.   Oh well it was a nice idea for someone else to do right next time.  I bet has some ideas up their sleeves already.

There’s been no news on what happened to the money I spent on those codes. I suspect I’ll see all the extra charges go back on to my credit card.

Anyone who bought extra credits and applied them to big purchases, please let us know what happened to those purchases.

12|31|2012 06:56 pm EDT

Godaddy Groupon Deal Almost Over

by Adam Strong in Categories: Miscellaneous

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Update on the Groupon Deal.   Yea we’re going there. . . . one last time because the savings is pretty hard to beat.
The deal has a few more hours left in a few different cities still in the US.  I can also confirm that you can buy these deals from multiple cities.  I’ve bought a few from each city and was able to apply them to my account.  Some people have reported buying from over 50 cities.  That’s huge savings!

These cities were still open for deals as of this writing.

las vegas
sioux falls
south bend

Replace the link below with the city above and you can buy more than one deal.
If you want to give a little credit to someone, would appreciate it but I have no idea if our affiliate link is working.

04|13|2012 01:48 pm EDT

A domain with history sells at Go Daddy for $2,312

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Auction

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After helping to recover for the community a few years ago (the domain had ended up in a Tucows’ private portfolio after the original registrant let it expire and Tucows was kind enough to help return it to the community for a reasonable charge), I was watching this auction carefully. Had gone for a lower price I would have been bidding as well in order to keep this name in the community.

Which community? What’s IRCnet are you asking? I’ll give you a quick intro if you’re not familiar with these terms. IRCnet is a huge text based chat network made up of servers all over the world and is the oldest of IRC chat networks. IRC is older than the World Wide Web (created in 1988). For more information – check out the Wikipedia page on IRC, Internet Relay Chat.

As you may notice (as I just did when researching this), itself does not resolve to a website, but does – I’ll chat with my friend about that. has displayed a message that it’s out of service since September 2009. The domain had been registered to a registrant with an Italian mailing address and an email address in Iran for a long time. The original registrant will still be able to renew the domain per Go Daddy’s and ICANN’s renewal terms until the domain name is handed over to the auction winner.

01|30|2012 08:00 am EDT

GoDaddy Lists Sedo’s Fixed Price Domains through SedoMLS

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Registrars

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Sedo, today announced a new partnership with Go Daddy. Domains that are listed at Sedo with Buy Now prices are now available to Go Daddy customers through the SedoMLS Network. This partnership between two industry-leading companies gives domain investors the ability to distribute their domains at Go Daddy, and end users the chance to purchase premium names directly at Go Daddy, via the only global domain distribution network, SedoMLS.

“Go Daddy wants to help small businesses grow larger, and finding the right domain name is the place to start,” said Paul Nicks, Go Daddy’s Director of Product Development for the Aftermarket. “Giving customers access to many premium domain names, including Sedo’s Buy Now domain names, Go Daddy can ensure our customers get the best domain name for their website or business.”

Listing domains in the SedoMLS Network already gives sellers access to both Sedo’s global audience of buyers and distribution across its partner network. With the addition of Go Daddy to the SedoMLS Network, domain investors now benefit from millions of additional end users who search for names at In addition to receiving the widest available distribution, domain buyers can also purchase any name via an uninterrupted sales process directly at Go Daddy’s site, meaning increased sales conversion for domain name sellers. For more information, go to

“Our new partnership with Go Daddy speaks to the strength of both Go Daddy’s and Sedo’s reputations worldwide,” said Tim Schumacher, CEO of Sedo. “The SedoMLS Network provides registrar partners like Go Daddy with access to premium domains that are listed at Sedo, which in turn provides their customers with more purchase choices than ever. For any domain seller, we provide the reach that connects their domain listings to the greatest number of potential buyers across the globe.”

[via Press Release]

Disclaimer: Managing DNN Editor Frank Michlick is currently working as a consultant for SedoMLS through his company DomainCocoon.

10|25|2011 02:44 pm EDT

Godaddy Auctions Now Pay Out Faster

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Aftermarket

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DNN just learned that Godaddy has once again made some changes for the better with their domain auction platform. Godaddy auctions now pay out in 5 days if the domain name is registered at Godaddy and sold through their auction system.  Domains registered at other registrars and sold through the auction platform still are paid out after 20 days.

A representative from Godaddy informed us that streamlining some other policies with regards to the Premium Listings is in the works. Hopefully we’ll see faster payments in that sales channel as well. Currently it takes 45 days after the end of the month to receive payment.  This means if you sold a domain on November 1st you could wait up until January 15th to receive payment.  Much of this is delay is due to the nature of selling a high price domain and accepting credit cards.  Godaddy must wait a certain time period to prevent fraud or chargebacks on these purchases, but the difference between auction payouts (5-20 days) and Premium Listing (45-75 days) payout times has us a bit baffled.

Premium Listings have also gone back to 30% commission, having been at 20% for the month of August and September. These rates need to be consistent and not changing all the time and the payments need to be expedited as fast as possible.

10|25|2011 12:00 pm EDT

DomainsBot Relaunches Site, Introduces Offering for new TLD Applicants

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Tools

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New Domainsbot Site Screenshot

The namespinner company Domainsbot today announced a relaunch of their main site, featuring a real-time search experience and new tools that make it easier for people and companies to search for domain names, Twitter handles and Facebook Page Names. By offering an integrated domain and social identity search, the new service makes it easier for users to find and obtain
unique, brandable identities. In addition to adding social identity search and revamping its website for speed and ease of use, DomainsBot also offers a downloadable mobile application, for identity searches on the go.

“Five years ago we only needed to worry about checking domain availability before naming a new business or product. Today’s challenge is to take care of domains and social media identities, such as Facebook and Twitter. Our goal is to simplify an important and time consuming process creatively,” said Emiliano Pasqualetti, DomainsBot, CEO.

The new also features premium domains from GoDaddy and Sedo, the two largest marketplaces of names for sale. These partnerships will enable users to browse for the largest selection of domains available on the secondary market. Additional features of today’s release include the introduction of DomainsBot Deals, a selection of top discounts for domain
registrations and renewals in partnership with some of the most popular registrars, and a whole new selection of B2B services for domain registrars, registries and new TLD applicants. The services for new TLD applicants will provide statistics based on existing registrations estimating potential for new TLDs.


08|04|2011 12:53 pm EDT

Godaddy Auctions More Domains Than Sedo

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Aftermarket

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Godaddy launched a domain name market analysis section on their site today which touts the claim that they are selling more domain names at auction than industry veteran

According to Godaddy :

The sheer volume of sales is likely due to the fact that Godaddy is one of the largest domain registrars that auctions off domain names that are expiring from it’s user base and Sedo is not.  The comparison is a bit apples to oranges, yet the numbers are stunning. might be a better company to compare Godaddy with.  Namejet auctions many registrar deletions at a starting price of $69 compared to Godaddy’s $10 starting price.  It would be interesting to compare those numbers and we invite Namejet to jump in to this competition. :)

The data on the site also shows some interesting numbers about the amount of domains that are sold Buy it Now, Offer/Counter-offer and  Auction.  Again, the numbers are likely skewed with the Auction numbers receiving more volume because of the deleting names that Godaddy auctions.  The Buy Now number is the one that is impressive.  It would be great to see these numbers made a little more granular to know how many of those auctions were deleting/expired domains vs actual sellers and how many of the Buy It Now were Premium Listing names sold from home page searches.

The launch of this new section of the Godaddy site and the recent lowering of commissions seems to be a clear indicator that Godaddy is aggressively going after the domain aftermarket business.  Kudos to Godaddy for sharing this data.

08|02|2011 05:42 pm EDT

GoDaddy Lowers Premium Listings Commission to 20%

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Sales

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DNN has just received word from Godaddy that Premium Listings sales commissions have been reduced to 20% on all new Premium Listings for the month of  August.  The previous rate was set at an industry-high 30%.   Many domain name sellers had noted that the Godaddy commission was excessive but had seen good results using the platform to increase their sales.   It’s important to note that this is a promotion on new listings.  If you have existing names listed, you may want to delete them now and re-list them to take advantage of the lower commission structure.

All domain names sold through Premium Listings are displayed as for sale, with a “fixed price”, when a user searches for the domain from the Godaddy home page.  Godaddy also offers an auction platform with a lower commission of 10%. These names also appear in the results for home page searches.  Sellers can list their names at a fixed “buy it now” auction price, but auction listings do require the seller to sign-up and bid, and thus the conversions are likely to be lower than a “fixed price” option that takes the user right to a cart and checkout rather than requiring bidding.  A recent report released by Sedo claims that “fixed prices” increased sales by up to 40%.

04|21|2011 11:45 am EDT Taken Down for Invalid Whois

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Legal Issues

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Righthaven LLC, a company that enforces licensing of content created by their clients, has in the past taken possession of domain names owned by alleged infringers. Recently a judge dismissed one of their claims on a defendant’s domain name.

Now it appears that GoDaddy, the domain registrar for the domain, has taken down their domain for an invalid whois. According to ICANN rules domain owners are required to maintain valid whois information. Anyone can report an invalid whois record via the WDPRS system, which then passes on the complaint to the sponsoring registrar of the domain. The registrar would then attempt to contact the domain owner and ask them to verify/update their contact information. Should they not do so, the domain can be suspended or even deleted.

[via @rhvictims]

04|18|2011 05:14 pm EDT

Phishing GoDaddy WDRP Emails Going Around Once More.

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Registrars, Up to the Minute

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It appears that another phishing scam is making the rounds trying to get users to reveal their GoDaddy username and password to the scammers. According to “silentg” who received the email and posted on DNForum about it, the email links users to “” (registered at Melbourne IT) instead of The email mimics a GoDaddy notice under the Whois Data Reminder Policy of ICANN (WDRP).

[via DNForum, silentg]