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02|11|2011 09:10 pm EDT Issues Statement Regarding Mystery Illness

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Events

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Update: Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Sends out Survey to Conference Attendees

Just like Adam and myself a number of other attendees (over 75 according to DNN’s own count) have fallen ill after attending last week’s DOMAINfest in Santa Monica with a variety of diagnosis and treatments. Tonight a spokeperson for DOMAINfest Organizer Domainsponsor and its parent company issued the following statement:

DomainSponsor, the organizer of the DOMAINfest Global conference, and its parent company,, have been made aware that several people in attendance at DOMAINfest and various evening events during the week became ill during the conference or after it concluded.

There has been significant speculation about this situation, but as of now, not many actual facts are known. Only medical authorities are qualified to identify this illness and investigate its ultimate source, so toward the improvement and protection of everyone’s health, it’s important not to speculate or make unfounded assumptions. Of course, should you have a concern about your health, please seek the advice of a doctor.

The health and safety of DOMAINfest attendees is our first priority, and thankfully, most attendees and staff did not become ill, and those that did appear now to be feeling better. Even so, in order to accurately identify the health concern and prevent its further possible communication, we have consulted with Los Angeles County health authorities and at their request have provided them a comprehensive list of places we know gatherings were held (either organized by DOMAINfest or by others) during each day and night. We also have notified our vendors and service providers of the situation, and have encouraged them to cooperate with authorities and take any steps they believe necessary.

Medical authorities have further requested, and Oversee has provided, a list of all attendees and their e-mail addresses. You may already have received a link to a survey asking for more information. It is important that ALL attendees complete the survey, whether you were ill or not. This will help authorities narrow down the range of possible causes and sources. Only health authorities will have access to this data—neither Oversee nor any other party will be able to see it, so please do your part to help.

Oversee will continue to work with health authorities, though at this stage, work is best left in their hands. If there’s more we’re in a position to share about the situation, we will do so.

DOMAINfest was a great event—our best ever with more than 700 attendees—and it’s regrettable that this has cast a shadow over an otherwise good week. We’re very encouraged that most everyone is in improving health (including those on our staff), and look forward to seeing many of you in Barcelona in June.