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11|19|2012 10:06 am EDT

New Model for Monetizing/Leasing Long Tail Domains?

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Domain Sales

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Can’t Sell your domain? Sell a website-builder and hosting package instead and generate ongoing revenue

When researching an old list of long tail domain names that I had generated eons ago, I noticed a domain “” that was parked with Frank Schillings’s Internet Traffic, but displayed a different banner on top:

Claim the premium domain name for Free with purchase of our $29.99/mo. website development services.

If you click on the link in the banner, you land on a page offering you the domain for “free” if you subscribe to a website builder by WebsiteCove.

Claim This Domain Name for Free - Screenshot appears to be a co-brand set up under the MeZine website builder. If the client buys a package that costs $29.99 monthly, the domain seller will throw in the domain name. The terms and conditions don’t appear to show if the buyer gets ownership of the domain name at all or is just subscribing for a perpetual lease.

We’ve reached out to the domain owner and website builder for some information on how well this model works for them, but haven’t heard back yet. The article will be updated if more details emerge.

What do you think about this as a monetization model for leasing long tail domain names? Do you think this is something parking companies should offer?

12|08|2011 03:39 pm EDT

Frank Schilling Relaunches

by Adam Strong in Categories: Tools

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After Frank Schilling shook up the domain parking industry with his release of his own parking company, Internet Traffic, it now appears he’s setting course to enter the race against incumbent domain name marketplaces. Schilling re-launched his DomainNameSales site today with a new look and new features.

The relaunch seems to be a natural progression for the company, after launching their own domain parking business. Schilling’s company has been selling domains from their own portfolio of hundreds of thousands of domains for a number of years.  The tools and systems and data that from these sales and inquiries are valuable insights in to the domain marketplace from one of it’s top portfolio owners.  The company freely released their own internal domain sales inquiry tracking system to the benefit of users of the InternetTraffic parking service a few months earlier.  We suspect that we’ll see more iterations from the crew at DomainNameSales in the coming months.

DNN is a big supporter of freeing up information and data like this.  Personally, I’d like to see more accurate reporting on prices, rather than broad ranges. We’ll take what we can get though. Tools and insight like this from leading companies in the domain space can only help to provide more intelligence and better decisions for all.  Clearly we understand that this information held privately is an asset that can improve revenues and fend off competition as well.  Data and information want to be free though.  They help inform the entire marketplace including buyers.  We’re glad to see this company leading the way like this.

The new site features:

  • a domain search (displaying recent searches)
  • a whois search (displaying recent searchs)
  • a newsticker
  • a list of recent inquiries
  • a list of recent quotes (with price ranges)
  • a list of recent sales (with price ranges)
  • a chat system  (appears they found a new use for the company’s “chattr” online messageboard experiment)
  • a valuation system based on the following parameters:

Domain Quality Score (Q) (Scale: 1-5)

The DomainNameSales Domain Quality Score is a factor of keywords, tld, traffic, buyer interest and other proprietary measures.

Traffic Score (T) (Scale: 1-5)

A relative measure of traffic based on historical data. Domains without data available are given “U” for unknown.

Price Ranges 

Price ranges are used in place of actual values to protect seller interests and reflect ever-changing valuations.