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02|13|2011 12:20 am EDT

Want Media Attention? Mention Playboy Mansion and Sick Visitors In Same Sentence

by Adam Strong in Categories: Events

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It sounds like something from an episode of CSI: Hollywood Hills. Enter a group of young professionals partying it up at a fund-rasier at the famous Playboy Mansion.  Cut ahead 24-hours, and one of the “guests” is writhing in pain, sweating feverishly in his hotel room (and he’s not on his computer chasing after a Namejet auction).  Wait, cancel that scene, make it dozens of guests from around the world.  Seriously, who’s working on the script for this right now. . .  Law and Order? House? CSI ? Bones ? Maybe Fringe ?  If you are reading this and you’re writing in an evil character. He/she needs to be named Halvarez to make it authentic. :)

So, while the story sounds straight out of Hollywood (because it is), it’s not a made for TV story,  though it’s sure one the media seem to be loving.  No direct signs from the investigation are pinning the mystery illnesses on anyone, including the Playboy Mansion, though the mainstream media are eating this story up, as sick domainers want to point the finger.  Sensational !

I talked to David Castello tonight who told me he had just finished an interview with Good Morning America, Fox, ABC, The LA Times, and KTLA.  Elliot Silver and Ron Jackson were interviewed on page 6 of the NYPost.  The Drudge Report picked that up and slapped it on the front page. The story has now been picked up by the AP, so it’s now circulating through other news outlets like NPR and the San Jose Mercury News and likely will be on the pages of your local paper Monday morning.

Not exactly the mainstream coverage the domain business was seeking. The Los Angeles County Health Department is on the case. I sincerely hope they get it straightened out and I hope everyone is feeling better soon. If you were at the event, regardless of being ill or not, please fill out the survey on the website

02|11|2011 10:10 pm EDT

LA County Health Department Investigating Illnesses Surrounding DomainFest

by Adam Strong in Categories: Events

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LA County health officials have sent out an email to attendees of DomainFest asking attendees of the event to fill out a survey if they are experiencing any respiratory issues since attending the conference.

If you attended DomainFest Global in Santa Monica, please take the time to fill out the survey, whether you are sick or not. If you know an attendee who may be ill, please notify them as they should see a doctor if they haven’t done so yet.  We’ve heard reports of others who are sick in the industry who are just discovering that their peers are sick as well.

Two of us at DNN have already been diagnosed with pneumonia.  I was feeling well the day I went in but have been zapped of all energy recently, as pneumonia does.  Others are reporting diagnosis as severe Legionnaires disease. This is a very serious matter and we wish everyone well .  Please see a doctor as soon as possible if you are sick and have not yet seen one !

Please follow this link and let the LA County Health Dept know:

If you have any questions you can contact Dr. Dawn Terashita and Dr. Caitlin Reed

Acute Communicable Disease Control
Hospital Outreach Unit
313 N. Figueroa St. Room 212
Los Angeles, CA. 90012
(213) 240-7941