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02|03|2012 09:13 am EDT

KeyDrive S.A. Acquires Moniker and SnapNames from (PR)

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Registrars, Up to the Minute

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As first reported by DNN, Keydrive bough Monikter and Snapnames from The official Press Release was published today and can be found after the jump.


01|18|2011 11:37 am EDT

NameDrive Restructures, Receives Investment

by Frank Michlick in Categories: PPC industry

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Apparently, the news is not just that James Tuplin, the Director of Operations, in the UK is leaving NameDrive, as The Domains reports, but there’s bigger things happening. The first hint at this came from a rumor posted on Facing The Absurd in October 2010 during DOMAINfest Prague stating that KeySystems is buying NameDrive. Back then, when DNN contact the involved parties about, they unofficially confirmed they were talking, but it looked like there was no deal in sight.

Things may have changed. As DVMag reports (in German), NameDrive has now relocated from Cologne to Luxembourg, as per the company’s website.

About NameDrive - from

DVmag goes on to say that the people that continue to work for the company have already been working in Luxemburg. Another interesting note is the new General Manager of the company, Michael Riedl.

According to his profile on the companies’ website, Michael Riedl has been the “Investment Director” and “Secretary of the Investment Committee” at BIP Investment Partners since 2008. NameDrive apparently has become part of the BIP Investment Partners portfolio. He’s also part of the board of Key-Systems and was one of the speakers at the Meet Domainers event in Poland held in August 2010. BIP has invested in EuroDNS, Key-Systems and Domaininvest amongst other companies, such as the broadcaster RTL group, where BIP holds an investment of 58 million € and 9.4 million € in Shell.

  • Key-Systems: 6.8 million € for a share of 33.33%, placing the company value at 20 million € at the time of the investment.
  • EuroDNS S.A. 6.4 million € for a share of 20%, placing the company value at 32 million € at the time of the investment.
  • DI S.A. (formerly known as Domain Invest): 2.5 million € for a share of 9.91%, placing the company value at 27 million € at the time of the investment.

BIP is publicly traded at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and recently saw its price increase from 50 € to over 60 €.

NameDrive followed up with an email to their parking publishers and is promising additional information – read it after the jump. (more…)