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08|03|2008 09:04 pm EDT

Namejet to Sell Expiring Domains

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Auction

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Domain registrar and parking company announced today a partnership that pairs the company up with expiring domain auction site . Effective August 1st all of the company owned expiring domain names will be auctioned through

According to an announcement sent to customers, will be running their own expiring domain inventory through the Namejet system as a test beginning August 1st. The test will allow them to determine whether the solution is a viable option for selling Fabulous registrant customers expiring domain names as well. The company seems to be planning to launch the service for customers in the future with an opt-in feature but they have yet to determined the details of the arrangement :

This would be an opt in service, where you would receive funds on a revenue share basis for any of your expiring domains that are sold. currently includes NetworkSolutions and Enom among the registrars that run their expiring domain inventory through the NameJet expiring domain auction marketplace.

The full company announcement after the jump.