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11|24|2009 11:07 am EDT Introduces New Marketplace

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Domain Aftermarket

Tags: , , has launched a new domain marketplace with a searchable catalog of over 200,000 premium domain names for sale. The site was recently released by Nokta Internet Technologies, a company that has sold more than 1,100 domain names in the past eight years including for $300,000 and for $260,000.

Previously, Nokta Domains only listed their domains for sale at other marketplaces. But as the demand for the company’s domain names grew and the sales earnings increased, Nokta finally decided to have its own marketplace so it could improve the domain buying experience.

“Through our own marketplace, the customers can have access to our whole portfolio and follow the promotions, news, and deals,” explained Burcin Didinedin, the General Manager of Nokta Domain Business. “Moreover, through, the customer has the chance to buy our domain names with their real pricing without paying any commission or transfer fee.”

Nokta Domains has over 40,000 domain names available to be purchased at fixed “buy now” prices as well as 160,000 domains sold through an “offer-counter offer” system which connects buyers and sellers directly. Additionally, the company offers a range of services to increase customer satisfaction including appraisals, after-sales services and domain consulting at all times of the day.

[via NoktaDomains]

Note: It seems to be a growing trend for domainers with large portfolios to focus more on aftermarket sales. Various sources show that Kevin Ham and Hitfarm have been selling their domains under DomainBrokers while Frank Schilling has been selling domains via ProFormaInc.