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12|23|2014 10:40 am EDT

Ron Jackson Finally Owns

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Auction, Domain Sales

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For more than a decade, Ron Jackson has been producing his domain industry publication DNJournal.  It’s been regarded as a “go-to” industry publication for his weekly sales reports and his “cover stories”, featuring prominent industry profiles, but did you know that Ron didn’t even own  OMG Ron you don’t own all variations of your domain?  How could you even conduct a successful business?!

The site has always operated under name (DN being an industry acronym for Domain Name) and over the last decade I’d say Ron has done a great job of making that a name we all know and trust.  I would venture to guess most of us in the industry call it by DNJournal.  Even so, from a brand perspective it probably would be smart for Ron to pick up too.  Ron already owns and, in case you were wondering.

A few weeks ago the domain name expired and more recently went to auction at NameJet, with the closing slated for December 22nd. The final sales price ended up being $250.  The winner was none other than Ron Jackson.  There were a couple of bidder IDs that showed up early :  “pheenix”, “aaaaaaaaa” and “thegeneral1979″  but there wasn’t much competition. It really feels like the name was not bid up at all . . . maybe as a courtesy to a really great guy.

Unsure about who was bidding for Ron or if he was bidding, I reached out to make sure he had his sights on this name. He replied with an interesting story about domainers and “dick moves”.

I don’t know if you know the story behind that domain. Goes all the way back to the end of 2002 when I asked people at DNForum to help me pick a name from a few options I listed. They picked DNJournal which I liked best as well, so I registered that name. Within a few days, some other forum member from Canada (forget his name – Lorenzo or something like that) registered and tried to sell it to me. At the time I was too stupid to consider registering other variations of the name. He has held it for 12 years and I was determined I would never let him profit from it (at least from me as I thought his initial action was a dick move). Others who inquired said he wanted $1500. I would have gone that high in this auction but would never have given it to him.”


What do you think?  Was it a “dick move” ?  IMHO it was.
Here’s one the older DNF threads where the former owner talks about owning this name : .  Many of DNFs older threads seem to be missing.

I’m just glad to see after all these years to see Ron the new owner of

02|13|2011 12:20 am EDT

Want Media Attention? Mention Playboy Mansion and Sick Visitors In Same Sentence

by Adam Strong in Categories: Events

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It sounds like something from an episode of CSI: Hollywood Hills. Enter a group of young professionals partying it up at a fund-rasier at the famous Playboy Mansion.  Cut ahead 24-hours, and one of the “guests” is writhing in pain, sweating feverishly in his hotel room (and he’s not on his computer chasing after a Namejet auction).  Wait, cancel that scene, make it dozens of guests from around the world.  Seriously, who’s working on the script for this right now. . .  Law and Order? House? CSI ? Bones ? Maybe Fringe ?  If you are reading this and you’re writing in an evil character. He/she needs to be named Halvarez to make it authentic. :)

So, while the story sounds straight out of Hollywood (because it is), it’s not a made for TV story,  though it’s sure one the media seem to be loving.  No direct signs from the investigation are pinning the mystery illnesses on anyone, including the Playboy Mansion, though the mainstream media are eating this story up, as sick domainers want to point the finger.  Sensational !

I talked to David Castello tonight who told me he had just finished an interview with Good Morning America, Fox, ABC, The LA Times, and KTLA.  Elliot Silver and Ron Jackson were interviewed on page 6 of the NYPost.  The Drudge Report picked that up and slapped it on the front page. The story has now been picked up by the AP, so it’s now circulating through other news outlets like NPR and the San Jose Mercury News and likely will be on the pages of your local paper Monday morning.

Not exactly the mainstream coverage the domain business was seeking. The Los Angeles County Health Department is on the case. I sincerely hope they get it straightened out and I hope everyone is feeling better soon. If you were at the event, regardless of being ill or not, please fill out the survey on the website

07|20|2009 01:23 pm EDT

Castello Brothers to Keynote at Domain Convergence

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Up to the Minute

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The Castello Brothers – Michael and David – of the Castello Cities Internet Network will be giving the keynote address and host a session at the Domain Convergence Conference in Toronto, Canada, August 13-14, 2009.

The duo have a unique success story that is inspirational to both domainers and entrepreneurs alike – morphing their careers from struggling musicians to domain millionaires thanks to their perseverance in registering domain names in 1995 and beyond.

Click here for a detailed account of their story in an article written by Ron Jackson of in 2006.

The Castello Brothers’ keynote address at Domain Convergence will be “The Future of Domaining – Building Your Brand”. They will also host a special interactive session where conference attendees can submit their development and monetization ideas for one-on-one review and feedback.

“David and I are looking forward to speaking at the 2009 Domain Convergence Conference,” said Michael Castello. “Some of the world’s most successful and innovative domainers are in Canada and we look forward to what will surely be a vibrant and creative conference.”

Domain Convergence will take place on August 13 and 14 at the Radisson Admiral Harbourfront Hotel in Toronto. The Early Bird special admission rate of $649 CDN (approx. $585 USD) expires on July 25. Visit to register today.

[Domain Convergence]

Full Disclosure: Frank Michlick of DNN is also the Chairman of Domain Convergence.

08|11|2008 04:54 pm EDT

Forbes Features Domainers

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Up to the Minute

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Forbes published an article today discussing the power of domaining. The article mentions Steven McDonald, a teenager from Conneticut who has grossed $325,000 by flipping domains this year; Ron Jackson, the publisher of DNJournal; Jeremiah Johnson, the chief operating officer of Sedo; and Adam Dicker, the owner of

[via Forbes]

06|12|2008 12:12 am EDT Announces June 18th Launch

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Auction

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The launch and creation of was announced back in February at a launch party in Las Vegas.  The site was launched, but according to company officials the auction service was later postponed as the company worked on streamlining the system to integrate with the DNZoom platform.  In the interim one of the founders, Ron Jackson, also announced his departure.

Today the company has announced a new official launch to be on June 18th with the following domains to be auctioned off for $1 :,,,,,,  and

On June 18, 1:00 PM, is going to drop the bomb on the domain auction scene. With one daily domain auction, guaranteed minimum sale price, a low 8% commission rate, and analysis from industry experts, is truly taking a fresh approach to the exciting — but until now unglamourous — world of domain name auctions.

The company will hold auctions every day, 7 days a week, with the auction start time slated for 1pm EST.