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10|06|2009 03:14 am EDT and’s Domain Distribution Network Working Together Again

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Sales

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With the announcement of Photon Group’s take-over move, Dark Blue Sea (ASX:DBS), parent company of and Domain Distribution Network (DDN) has seen it’s share of headline news in the domain space this week.  DBS announced today, in an investors release (PDF), that they have entered in to a new agreement with Godaddy to market the DBS domain portfolio.

No specific details about the new agreement were released in the statement.  DBS and Godaddy started a 5 year agreement in 2008 whereby DBS was able to market their domains through Godaddy’s sales channel.  However, in July DBS announced that Godaddy had terminated their agreement.  No details were given at the time for the reason. The importance of this relationship was made clear in statements from that release when DBS stated that they believe “the impact of this may have a material adverse affect on future revenue and profit.”  The release also noted “The company has it’s own sales channel that, whist it makes a material contribution to overall sales, is one that the company has not aggressively pursued due to our GoDaddy agreement.”

GoDaddy is one of a number of partners with whom Dark Blue Sea makes domain sales, but clearly from previous statements, Godaddy continues to be an integral part of their distribution plans.  The company also recently announced a distribution partnership with Moniker/ and has ongoing relationships with other registrars including, Tucows/OpenSRS, Network Solutions and Melbourne IT.

[Update] Dark Blue Sea has released more details and information on the contract with GoDaddy.

06|02|2009 04:56 pm EDT

Pfizer Drops Domains, Wins Them Back in UDRP

by Adam Strong in Categories: Legal Issues

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As we reported previously, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer let more than 50 of their .org domain names expire in March 2009. The names were brought to DNN’s attention as they appeared on a SnapNames auction list . After expiring several of the domains appear to have been registered by SnapNames and now are in the ownership of Pfizer (such as However, several names did expire and end up in the hands of other new registrants.   Two of these names, and (a Pfizer brand), ended up in the hands of Samir Kumar.

A recent UDRP filing however has stopped Kumar.  Pfizer prevailed in the arbitration and the names have been ordered to be transferred back, although whois records still indicate Kumar’s information and contain a “domain for sale” notation on their records.

Based on the whois history of, and (only 3 of the dozens of .org names that expired) , previous to these domains expiring, the domain portfolio was under the managment of a brand/domain protection and managment company, CSC Corporate Domains. Interestingly, the domains now appear to be controlled under MarkMonitor’s services, a competitor of CSC.