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06|15|2011 04:11 pm EDT

DomainFest Barcelona Auction Flops Again, Few Domains Sold

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Auction

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After the disappointment of the DomainFest Barcelona live auction cancellation, the re-do auction has ended with what most would consider to be more disappointment, only 4 5 domains sold for a total of $55,670. (Note this is an unofficial total).

The highest priced sale, at $50,870,  received the most activity on bidding with 19 bidders and at least 3 bidders battling for the name at over $20k.  The auction extended 30 minutes past the end time. It’s noteworthy to mention this sale was for one of the best names on this list started with a No Reserve price.

A few other domains appeared to receive bids that were seemingly near the reserve prices including,, and

One bidder with the alias “buyitfromme” chipped away at the price on over the course of over 30 minutes, essentially outbidding themselves.  The initial bid came in at $25,001 and the bidder kept upping their bid at the >1 minute mark. As I watched I kept thinking “Just keep bidding right away. Let’s get this over with. Why are you waiting until there’s >1 minute left”  Their bid amount reached $41,000.  After all that effort, the domain still didn’t meet the reserve.

Notably, received a bid of $2.5 million today, which means there is some high-level interest in the domain, but the offer failed to meet the reserve.  – $300 – $50,870 – $3000 – $900 – $600

All domains from the “live” auction will be entered in to the extended auction along with many other domains. The extended auction can be viewed online here.

As pointed out elsewhere, Moniker did broker for over the $1.5 million mark. The domain was on this list and removed before the auction, and it was not part of this auction or the results from today.


06|15|2011 01:25 pm EDT

Breaking: Receives $2.5m Bid at

by Adam Strong in Categories: Domain Auction

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After technical difficulties last week, the DomainFest Barcelona auction was re-scheduled to conclude online today. The auction of had gained some press and I’m sure the cancellation of the live event was a huge disappointment for the owner.   There’s nothing more disappointing than building up buzz and getting people to come to the auction and then having it fall apart.  Just ask the guys at

Good news just came in on though.  The domain name has a bid at $2.5 million (see below). It hasn’t met the reserve but this is a pretty good sign regardless.  You don’t just lay out a $2.5 m bid if you aren’t serious.    Check out the auction action as the names close at



The auction closes in a little more than 2 hours.  What do you think ?  Will sell today ?