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05|28|2008 12:00 pm EDT

Domain Game Trivia – Day 4

by Adam Strong in Categories: Miscellaneous

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The Domain Game question for Day 4 : Name the investment bank and the banker responsible for the sale of BuyDomains in 2005 ?

Enter your answer on our contest page here. DONT POST IN THE COMMENTS!!

Congrats to the Day 3 Winner : Paul S. !!
The answer was . . . bonus answer : It was bought in 1995.
Rick Schwartz bought the domain for $100

05|23|2008 11:30 am EDT

The Domain Game Contest! Win a Copy of the Book

by Adam Strong in Categories: Up to the Minute

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The Domain Game bookWith the release of The Domain Game this week, we thought it might be fun to play our own Domain Game and give away a few copies of the book at the same time. Domain Name News will be giving away 1 signed hardback copy of the book every day for the next five days. We’ve already put in our order with directly with the author which means you might be one of the firsts to read it.

The game will be a simple trivia game with questions inspired by the book. You will probably be able to find some of the information online and some might only be available in the book, but could be guessed.

The question for today (Thursday) is : How much money did Frank Schilling use to begin his investment in domain names ? Submit your answer or best guesses and sign-up for our newsletter (not required) here.

(Hint : This is an easy one. It can be found on another popular domain blog.)

05|21|2008 01:00 pm EDT

The Domain Game: A Must Read

by Adam Strong in Categories: Featured

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The Domain Game cover art I was really excited when I received an advanced author’s copy of The Domain Game, How People Get Rich From Internet Domains on Tuesday evening last week. The book is by author and Wall Street Journal reporter David Kesmodel. I was done reading it by Wednesday. Obviously, The Domain Game was a book I couldn’t easily put down. I’m not a fast reader. I wouldn’t even really consider myself a book reader. I guess I read childrens books like my mom’s Where Do Angels Sleep to my toddler all the time, but I can’t recall the last actual business book I read. I skimmed The Search. I skimmed Built From Scratch. I did not skim The Domain Game. I will most likely have to read it a couple more times to let it all sink in. Keep reading for the details on the book, the author and my review of the book as a “must read”. (more…)