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06|10|2010 03:13 pm EDT

Anti-Speed Camera activist buys Police Department’s Domain Name

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Miscellaneous

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Anti-Speed Camera activist Brian McCrary bought Police Department’s Domain Name after expiry and set up a gripe site. In the article on TriCities McCary explains:

“I was going to give [the police department] a call and noticed their domain was about to expire,” said McCrary, who sat back and waited until the 42-day window was over. “As soon as it expired I went ahead and bought it.”

The article explains some of the basics of the domain name life cycle, but doesn’t quite get things right when they say:

When someone buys a domain name they can do whatever they want with it for the year that it’s registered to them. They can sell it, use it to keep someone from making a website, or use it to host a site that makes fun of or attacks a company with that name.

Considering there are rules when it comes to domain names and sites infringing on the rights of third parties, there’s certainly more to it than the article reveals.

[Thank you Drewbert, via Tricities]