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08|29|2012 05:19 pm EDT

US Government Returns Seized RojaDirecta Domain Names

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Legal Issues

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As reported by Wired today the US Government has returned the seized domain names of Spanish forum domains after the government dropped their claim on Wednesday – 19 months after the domains were originally seized.

The seizing of the domains happened as part of the “Operation in our Sites” together with eight other sites that were accused of being connected to broadcasting pirated video streams of professional sports.

The government, which seized the domain names for simply including links to copyrighted content, dropped the Rojadirecta claim, seemingly due to a recent ruling by Judge Richard Posner. Posner, one of the nation’s most respected judges, knocked down charges that a video bookmarking site was infringing copyright law, just because its users linked to copyrighted videos.

The operator of the site, Puerto 80, said the site that has 865,000 registered users has not committed any copyright infringement. As a discussion board about sports, politics and other topics some of the users may have linked to pirated streams. The group had been trying to negotiate with the US government, but were told that they would only receive control over their domain names again if the site would prohibit its users from linking to any US content.

It looks like the domains are currently though, the site is not back online yet. Interestingly it also looks like the “last updated” date in the registry has not been changed when the domain was seized or returned.

02|17|2012 02:52 am EDT

Secret Service Takes Down Hosted Form Service For a Day

by Frank Michlick in Categories: Legal Issues

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As reported by Wired, it appears that domain seizures are no longer the domain of the ICE alone. It appears that registrar Go Daddy took down the hosted webform service by changing the domain name’s nameservers. Even though an update to a blog post about the suspension on the site’s blog mentioned that the site is back online, DNN has not been able to access it under it’s old domain name at the time of this post.

  • The Domain was suspended on February 15th, 2012
  • JotForm asked their users to switch their form integrations from to
  • The company operating JetForm (Interlogy Internet Technologies) switched their other domains from Go Daddy to Namecheap and Hover.
  • The nameservers were switched back at Feb 16th 5pm EST
  • 2 million user generated forms by hundreds of thousand of users were affected by the take down
  • Interlogy Internet Technologies has yet to receive an explanation for the shutdown of the site

Last year the ICE seized, which runs a free DNS service, and shut down 84,000 subdomains for two days while they were targeting a single site within the network.

[via Wired]

11|20|2009 03:59 pm EDT

3 Charged With Hijacking at Network Solutions

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Legal Issues

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Three hackers — Christopher Allen Lewis, 19,  James Robert Black Jr., 20, and Michael Paul Lebel, 28 — have been hit with a federal conspiracy charge this week due to their involvement in the 2008 hijacking of – a prank that took down the cable company’s homepage and email service for more than five hours and supposedly cost the company over $128,000.

According to the indictment, the hackers gained control of the domain along with 200 other domains with two phone calls to Network Solutions, the company’s domain registrar, as well as one email sent from a hacked Comcast email account.

This gave them entry to the Network Solutions control panel for all of Comcast’s domains.

Then, after changing the contact information for, the hackers phoned Comcast’s original technical contact to tell him what they’d done. When the Comcast manager scoffed at their claims, the hackers decided to take it a step further and redirect the site’s traffic to servers that were under their control.

The hackers are being charged under the US. Code for fraud and related activity in connection with computers.

“I wish I was a minor right now,” said hacker James Robert Black Jr., “because this is going to be really bad.”

[via Wired]