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01|30|2008 06:27 pm EDT

eBook Review: Domaining Manifesto & Domain Graduate

by Chad Kettner in Categories: Tools

While the domaining industry continues to get larger, the need for domaining education is also becoming more prevalent. Yes, there is a lot of potential to make money in this business, but there are also many complex money-making strategies and ideas that are often skipped over by a domainer who doesn’t fully understand the marketplace.

DomainNameNews has reviewed the following eBooks:

Domaining Manifesto: The Ultimate Guide to Successful Domaining
By John Motson
$47 ($37 with discount code “dnxpert”)

Domain Graduate: Tapping the Online Mines
By Sean Stafford
$97 for the first 200 buyers

Domain Manifesto CoverTwo eBooks – Domaining Manifesto by John Motson and Domain Graduate by Sean Stafford – have been released in recent months. Both of these eBooks are very capable of helping new domainers and industry experts alike in a business that is becoming more competitive with each passing day.

Domaining Manifesto is an excellent eBook that covers the ins and outs of buying and selling domains. John Motson doesn’t just provide you with the information that you’ll need to get your feet wet, but he also passes along all the tools that industry experts use to make money online. He discusses ways to purchase domains for as cheap as possible, methods to self-appraise your domains, and secrets to finding hot domains before the crowds gather. Domaining Manifesto is a great tool for beginners to learn how to buy and sell and for more advanced individuals to discover trends and improve profit margins.

Domain Graduate CoverDomain Graduate is also a very interesting eBook that discusses the buying and selling of domains, but takes it to a new level with monetization methods for the domains that you already own. Sean Stafford teaches you how to get good value when you buy your domains and explains tricks that work while also pointing out common mistakes. However, the real gem of this eBook is how he clarifies the road to wealth and the possibilities of making your money (and parked domains) work for you.

Domaining Manifesto seems to be the perfect book for somebody who is mostly looking to buy and sell domains as well as searching for high value/low cost TDL’s before they’re discovered. Domain Graduate, however, is more useful for those interested in purchasing domains and making a profit with them through parking and monetization.

Both of these eBooks can be used separately to teach you how to improve your domain sales, but you would benefit the most by checking them both out and learning the strategies of not one, but two experts in the field.



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March 18, 2008 @ 8:54 pm EDT

Thanks for the review. I might check one out.

And just an update, I think the Domain Graduate book was lowered to $87. Might’ve been ltd. offer though.

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