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06|22|2007 03:56 am EDT

6/22 TDNAM Sales

by Adam Strong in Categories: Up to the Minute – $355 – $411 – $855 – $330


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aaron wall

June 22, 2007 @ 4:08 pm EDT

How do you get the top selling domain prices so quickly? Are you in on all these auctions, or is the data available another way?

Also, is there a publicly available way to know in advance of potentially hot upcoming auctions?

Great blog BTW. I am a newbie, but am fascinated by the market.

Hi Aaron thanks for the compliments. As a veteran in this biz, I personally monitor hundreds of different auctions and domains so that’s where the data is coming from. These aren’t all the top sales as I miss many sales and sometimes I hold back publishing them on the daily updates. I like having the sales info at my fingertips and figured readers would like it as well. Looks like I might be right.

As for the upcoming ‘hot’ auctions. The domain drop business has always sort of kept the auctions hush . The guys that spend time compiling lists are the top buyers and many of them don’t like the competition that creating such lists would create. I know that companies like snapnames have avoided really pushing HOT lists. releases a list on their site of the most ‘backordered’ names and tdnam has a running list as well on the home page. All in all it’s hard to guage what’s hot as names often don’t spike in price until the end of the auction.
– Adam Strong

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